The ninth day of Halloween

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Homemade bat decorations

By Kayln Reyer

Turn a frown upside down this Halloween by showing that bats aren’t always just a prop for a haunted house or scary movie. They can also be a quick and cheap way to decorate for Halloween.

Step One: Get materials. You will need black paper plates, plastic play eyes, glue, and scissors. Prices vary but these items were purchased from a local Walmart:

-Scissors ($1.00)

-Paper plates (99 Cents)

-Glue (56 Cents)

-Play eyes ($1.00 for a pack)

Step Two: Cut paper plate in half or desired size depending on how big you would like your bats wings to be. Once you have cut it down to size begin to cut small arches into the bottom half of the plate.

Step Three: After your wings are cut to the shape and size you would like them to be, attach them to a full sized black plate. Make sure to evenly attach them on both sides of the plate. Let wings dry for 3-5 minutes.

Step Four: When the wings are dry and finished flip the plate back to its front side and begin to attach the eyes. Put a small amount of glue in the back of the eye and press down onto plate for about 1 minute. Continue to do the same step for other eye.

Step Five (optional): When the bat is complete and dry you can take construction paper or markers and draw fangs or decorations onto the bat. Also if you would like to hang your bat you can make a small hole on the top if the plate and tie a string to the plate.

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The ninth day of Halloween