The seventh day of Halloween

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Getting catty on Halloween

How-To make the perfect makeup and hair for a cat costume

By Franci Burton 

Halloween is fast approaching and with it comes the difficult decision: should I be a cat or should I be cat? In order to be successful in pulling of the feline look follow these simple steps to bring out your inner cat.

To achieve this look you’ll need a few materials:

-Eye shadow that will make a smoky eye

-Eye shadow primer


-Liquid or pot eyeliner

-A curling iron, flat iron, or crimper (whichever you prefer)

-Teasing comb


-Headband with cat ears (I got mine at Urban Outfitters for $10)

The first step is to start with a clean eye that’s primed. I use Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer. Next you’ll put a light grey color on the inside corner of your eyelid. Then put a medium shade of grey on the middle to the outer corner of your lid.

Next you need to take either a dark grey or black eye shadow and put it in the outer corner of your eye. Then spread the eye shadow in your corner in the shape of a “c” along the base of the outer lid and up into your crease.

The final step for the eyes is the line the upper and lower lash line with black eyeliner. On the top lash line wing the outer corner of the eyeliner out to make a cat eye effect. Finally use a lash defining mascara, I used Falsies because they give me extra long lashes that look like fake inserts. Do your face makeup like you normally do, then take the eyeliner you used and make whiskers, starting by your nose and ending mid-cheek. Now your cat costume make-up is complete! Next step; hair.

To start off the hair, choose to have your hair curly, straight or crimped. It will work the same whichever style you choose. I am doing it with my hair straight. The idea is to make your hair have volume in the back and messy texture at the bottom.

To get the volume in the back, brush your hair back so that halfway between your hairline and back of head has no part. Then section the back into three sections. Next, tease the top section by starting at the base of your hair combing it fast and working your way up to the top. Repeat this step with the other two sections.

The last step is to smooth down the bump in the back so there aren’t too many flyaways. Use an extra hold hairspray (I used an Aussie brand hairspray) and spray all of your hair, then scrunch the bottoms to add texture. After your hair is how you want it to be put on your headband on.

Now your cat look is complete, and you’re ready to work your look on the catwalk, at a party, or even while your handing out Halloween candy!

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The seventh day of Halloween