Freshman Caroline Barbieri’s track debut

Personal Sports Profile #15

Tanner Burch, Reporter

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This is freshman Caroline Barbieri’s first year on the track team. She says she has had running experience in the past, but nothing quite like track. This sport is only the second in her repertoire.  

 “I just started my freshman year,” Barbieri said. “[So I’ve been running] about a month.”

 Prior to track, Barbieri swam for the Bulldog swim team. She says one of her motivations for joining track is to become a better swimmer.

 “I was motivated by my friends and the fact that it will help me become a better swimmer,” Barbieri said. 

 “I was focusing on swimming and sectionals and state, but if I were to participate in track conditioning, the hardest part would’ve been getting back into the feeling of running,” Barbieri said. 

She says her main goal is to progress throughout the season.

 “My goal is to go faster as the season goes,” Barbieri said. 

When reflecting on whether her progression goal will see the light of day, Barbieri says with a chuckle,  “I’m far from it.”

“During track, you’re using the muscles that you usually don’t use during swimming.”  

 Barbieri considers track to be an underappreciated sport.

 “It’s not as widely talked about as other sports,” Barbieri said. 

In order to expose the sport a little bit more, Barbieri thinks that getting the word out is the way to do it.

 “As a track runner, maybe post when our tournaments are on social media,” Barbieri said. 

 As much as track her first year has provided opportunities for her, she says she is considering running track in college. 

 “I want to pursue running track all four years of high school,” Barbieri said. “So yes, I’ll probably run track in college.”

Her advice for  freshman next year: “I would try to inspire them to run.”

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Freshman Caroline Barbieri’s track debut