New Teachers, New Endeavors

Mr. Togami takes up his new role as the regular and AP biology teacher.

Sophie Owens, Profile Editor

1. Why did you want this new role?

I graduated from NAHS in 2012 and I really enjoyed coming to sc

hool here. After I received the credits I needed, I taught at JCPS for two years. Two months ago, I saw this position and believed I would fit this role.  I wanted to accomplish what so many here were able to do: focus on helping students and their preparation for the future.

2. How are you enjoying it so far?

I have enjoyed my experience; the students have showed me they are more than capable of being here. The staff is also fantastic, I have received a lot of help. I enjoyed this school in the past and it feels great to come back.

3. How did you get this job?

I saw that Mr.Cox was leaving and I took that opportunity to check this position. After I checked, I spoke to Ms.McGuirk and submitted my application. The next day I came back, was interviewed for the position, and then accepted it!

4. How do you think you will adapt to each student? How do you plan on teaching to each student?

I have a lot of experience with differentiation. I previously taught at a PLA (persistently low-achieving) school in JCPS. So, I understand when it’s challenging teaching or even learning at different paces or levels. My hope is that any struggle a student has with learning will ease as I continue to teach.

5. What would you consider to be your greatest success story in terms of school?

The last two years of my education experience, my greatest success story was working with students who were lacking in terms of achievement and getting them interested in science. Being able to still reach those kids I think would’ve been the greatest success.

6. What was something that you overcame and has brought you to now?

My parents have been divorced since I was four. My dad lived very far from us and it was a challenge. He couldn’t make it to any type of school event because of the distance. I believe a lot of students here deal with the same issues I did (dealing with few resources and parents at times); if there’s any advice I can give is to keep trying.