Traveling Teachers Part Two

Dillon ventured to Ireland for ten days climbing the coast in a cool island adventure.

Sophie Owens, Profile Editor

Why did you go to Ireland specifically?

It was for our Honeymoon. We chose Ireland because it was the first thing both of us said when discussing it. It actually worked out the way I imagine it would in a romantic comedy, like Leap Year. 

Describe the fun you had on your trip.

The most fun moment was definitely when we got to the top of the Gap of Dunloe. There’s this wide gap and, when standing at on it, you can see the road winding down the mountain. At the bottom of it there’s this beautiful river. It runs along the bottom and feeds into the life below.

The funniest moment would have to be when we were in a pub and this short older gentleman made me dance with him. He knew we were there for our honeymoon. He forced my husband and I to dance and then interrupted. My husband thought it was hilarious and laughed as I made a fool of myself.

What was your favorite meal you ate?

There was a restaurant on the shore, so the seafood was extremely fresh. I got the Fish & Chips. They were definitely my favorite meal. Having a full Irish breakfast [eggs, bacon, black and white pudding, pork sausages, and red beans] every morning was great too . Now I heard that when you would go to Ireland that often times you had to request to have ice in your drink, but most places did. Although, that might be because I was more in the heart of the cities– the touristy areas. We visited a restaurant called the Shire that had a Lord of the Rings theme. It was very cute, and for any fans of the book, I would recommend going there if you get the opportunity. 

What was the greatest thing you saw?

Every castle we saw was just beautiful. They were everywhere too! In America, we don’t see a lot of the distant past and that’s because there’s a lack of it unfortunately. I mean, there are older buildings here, but they always seem to get retouched.  While we were there we went to The Blarney Castle. This castle is made of the Blarney Stone. At the castle, I heard “kissing the Blarney stone.” The reason why is because on the way up to the top, you are in this tight and confined space. Your face ends up so close to the wall that it’s almost like you’re kissing it.  

If there is anything you could’ve changed about the trip? If so what?

We kept it really loose because we wanted to see more of everything generally. Next time, we want to be more local and visit smaller towns. Just to see more of the daily life and truly experience what it’s like living there.

What advice would give to someone who might go to this place?

I would advise people to definitely drive, even though it’s scary because they drive on the opposite side. A lot of their roads are narrow and they don’t have that shoulder we normally have along the road. When you drive you can go at your own pace and take in what you want. Driving myself in Ireland made me appreciate the finer reasons for driving. For instance doing things like checking my lanes or just being self aware of the traffic overall.