Boys Soccer hosts BNL

Madison Inlow, Photographer

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Sophomore Henry Winternheimer goes to get the ball.

Freshman Cole Thurston kicks the ball.

The players race up the field.

Players wait for coaches to make substitutions.

Sophomore Caleb Mehling watches the play develop.

Sophomore Gage Milligan waits to kick the ball.

Sophomore Gage Milligan kicks the ball back into play.

Sophomore Kade Renn kicks the ball.

Sophomore Kade Renn defends the goal.

Junior Natti Ems dribbles the ball to the opponent.

Freshman Nathaniel Higbie races to get the ball.

Sophomore Caleb Walston throws the ball into play.

Sophomore Omar Moran battles for the ball.

Junior Schnaider Upchurch warms up.

Junior Kolt Kaiser stands in warmups.

NA Varsity starters walk out onto the field.

Varsity gathers up before the start of the game.

Senior Blake Hanen watches his teammate kick the ball onto the field.

Junior Noah Litzelswope kicks the ball towards the goal.

Junior Hayden Krebs pauses before kicking the ball.

Sophomore Caleb Mehling dribbles the ball in warmups.

JV gathers before the game.

Sophomore Henry Winternheimer battles for the ball.