New Teachers, New Endeavors (part two)

Mr. Drew Stein takes new role as the athletics business manager, Algebra I teacher


Sophie Owens, Profile Editor

1. Why did you want this new role?

I had been teaching for seven years at Southern High School in the JCPS district over in Louisville. I enjoyed teaching there but I live over here and wanted to try something new. I also have a bachelors in sports communications, and with my new role including the position of being the athletics business manager I figured it was definitely more fitting to desire this position. Plus, I have always wanted to be involved in athletics.

2. How are you enjoying it so far?

It’s been great, the biggest thing is getting used to how a school operates. Every school system functions differently. The differences usually lie in the drills and attendance policies.

3. What was the process? How did you get this job?

One day I was checking the website and I saw the athletics business manager spot was open. I had shadowed Mr. Unruh when I was younger and I had known his daughter back in high school. The athletic spot was open after I accepted the teaching position.

4. How do you think you will adapt to each student? How do you plan on teaching to each student?

The best way to do that is to know where every kid is at. Identifying what misconceptions they hold towards the class or math in general. Looking at their work also tells you what they need help on.

5. What would you consider to be your greatest success story in terms of school?

My old principal had nominated me for the teaching excellence award. It’s a very prestigious award.

6. What was something that you overcame and has brought now?

I was at a priority school and at that school teachers would be in and out. So I think having to overcome the potential anxieties of working with new teachers all of the time has helped me a lot.