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By: Robbie McAnelly

New Albany plays in Lucas Oil Stadium
This past Saturday the Bulldogs traveled to Indianapolis to play Castle. However, it was no ordinary football game. New Albany took on Castle in Lucas Oil Stadium,  home of the Colts. Seeing fellow classmates and friends on the professional football field and on the Jumbo-tron was quite surreal. The pressure of playing in such a high-stakes game got the best of the Dogs, who lost 45-0. Although, playing in Lucas Oil Stadium was victory enough in itself.
The always shocking VMAs
Another year, another 120 minutes of the biggest celebrities surprising the world… and picking up a few awards while they are at it. The VMAs is probably the biggest awards show of the year in terms of pop culture, and this year definitely did not disappoint. The VMAs aired on Sunday, August 28, and the next day later the halls of NAHS were ablaze with talk of the big show.
Most talked about had to have been Lady Gaga. She never ceases to amaze with her ability to surprise the audience; however, one could say she didn’t shock anyone this year. How could someone create shock without being on the show? In what has to be one of her most impressive alter egos of all time, Lady Gaga came to the show dressed as her male counterpart, Jo Calderone. What won’t she do?
Rapper Lil Wayne also caused quite a scene on the show. He is loved and hated, but most could agree that his closing act was far below expectations. He began singing “How to Love”. The auto-tune was painfully obvious. He continued his performance with a rock rendition of his song “John”. Guitar in hand, he began to rap and rock out. Unfortunately for the TV audience, no one could enjoy his performance; every other word was bleeped out in what ultimately became a scream-’till-your-lungs-give-out style performance. Yeah… not good.
Katy Perry, receiving the most nominations at 10, won the big award of the night for Video of the Year. It would have been a shining moment for Katy, had her style choices not stolen the show. Who could possibly pay attention to the person receiving the award when there is a hat seemingly from the Lego family on top of their head? I would hate to have been the person sitting behind her.
Providence football falls to Floyd Central
Providence and Floyd Central are undoubtedly NAHS’s biggest rivals. Providence overpowered the Dogs in a close game in the season opener, 21-19. Having gotten through one rivalry game, the Bulldogs will face the Highlanders later this season. The Highlanders beat Providence in week two of the regular season, 49-21.
“We are concentrated on Jennings County this week, but I think Floyd Central is a good team. It will be a great challenge for us,”  junior AJ Cleek said.

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