Is Taylor Swift releasing new music?

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Is Taylor Swift releasing new music?

Emma Lopp, Reporter

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She is a Grammy winner and arguably one of the most popular influential artists of today. She’s had beef with Kanye West and Katy Perry, she’s written songs about every boyfriend she’s had, and she is either loved or hated by everyone.

At the forefront of first country and now pop, the music industry is controlled by none other than Taylor Swift- who may or may not be releasing new music soon.

Senior Swiftie Emma Ivey believes it’s too early for an album, but something is coming.

“With her being more active on social media lately with a new theme, a Swiftie can assume this is the start of a new era,” Ivey said. “She has released all but one of her previous albums in the fall so it would be too soon to release an album or even a single for the album.”

Beginning with the release of her Fearless in 2008, and all the way up to Reputation in 2017, Taylor Swift has captivated her audiences with her raw and emotional lyrics coupled with the ever evolving sound of her music. She continues to keep her fans obsessed, and nothing sparks more interest than the possibility of new music.

Deleting all of her Instagram posts and then posting consecutive pictures over the past week led many fans to believe March 1 would be the day- but nothing was released. This week she appeared on the cover of Elle magazine and offered a letter to fans titled “30 Things I learned before turning 30”. Is Swift’s Instagram purge and recent publicity a hint on a new single, or simply her just trying to switch things up?

“My assumption is that she’s releasing a single, similar to how she previously released I Don’t Want To Live Forever before the release of her Reputation album later that year,” Ivey said. “I think it will be a single related to a movie soundtrack or a feature of her in a song, which is something she hasn’t done in a long time.”