NFL trades and free agency

With free agency and the trade window now open, several teams are making big moves


Thomas Britton, Reporter

Antonio Brown to Raiders: Late Saturday night, Oakland swooped in on the stranded Brown. He was traded for a third and fifth round pick. While the Raiders struggled last season winning few games, next season could turn the page. With three first round picks in their pocket, they could have the start of a dynasty. Brown should now be their offensive focus point along with a shaky Derrick Carr. Hopefully Carr will have a new spark as he is finally getting the pieces he needs.  

Odell Beckham Jr. to Browns: This was perhaps the most shocking to football fans. All-star OBJ left the struggling Giants with a washed up Eli Manning to make a smart move to the quickly developing Browns. Some people might say joining the Browns is a joke but it seems the Cleveland might have a franchise QB in Baker Mayfield along with what’s becoming a star studded offense.

Mark Ingram and Earl Thomas III to Ravens: This was a big move for the Ravens as they were in need of a running back. Last season Baltimore was plagued with injury at this position having to resort to their third string position. Mark Ingram has played second to Kamara at the Saints and he’ll now have his chance. Earl Thomas III will also add to the Ravens aspiring defense. With these trades they’ll be Super Bowl contenders.

Landon Collins to Redskins: Once again, what were the Giants thinking? Either way, the Redskins are building a great defense. Already having one of the top CB’s in the league with Josh Norman. However, plagued with injury at the QB position, picking up a QB would have been the better move.