Shoppers, take your mark

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By Jessica Rhodes

One of the most exciting and dangerous days of the year for shoppers and employees alike is quickly approaching. In less than three days Black Friday will be here.

Black Friday is the day of all days for shoppers. People get up as early as possible in the morning and others wait outside of stores since they closed the night before excitedly awaiting the moment that the doors will open. Employees stock and restock making sure everything is perfect. When people think of Black Friday they think of low prices, big pushing crowds, and shoppers, but that not all there is to this holiday. Most people think of the shoppers when it comes to Black Friday and while they are a major part of the day employs play a big part in this crazy event as well.

Junior Max Mattox will be working this Black Friday for the first time ever. He is most worried about the early morning and afternoon crowds. He feels they will be the worst and most crowded. He knows from experience how crazy Black Friday can get.

“I saw someone get trampled one time,” Mattox said.

He feels, however, that Black Friday is a good day overall.

“There are some really good deals that people get,” Mattox said.

He plans on doing a little shopping himself after he gets off work and the crowds die down some.  He will be going to Best Buy and Target.

Now, it always been known that for a shopper Black Friday is one crazy ride. One Black Friday-loving student, Heidi Steinert knows this first-hand.

“I saw someone reach into my mom’s shopping cart once and take the ipad she had grabbed,” said Steinert. “My mom was really mad about it.”

She still likes the holiday and finds it a great time to start a little holiday shopping, “but it is not the place for people who do not like crowds,” Steinert said.

Steinert is strictly just a shopper and will not be working this Black Friday. The stores she’s planning on hitting include: Target, Best Buy, the mall, and the outlet mall.

So whether it be shopper or employee, one thing remains the same Black Friday is a crazy, exciting day to be out and about.

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Shoppers, take your mark