Gaps Between Parents and Teens

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Jona Carper, Reporter

As new things are being released to the public like new apps and new technology, our parents and grandparents are struggling to keep up with the pace of society. 

There’s many things parents struggle with when it comes to technology, including the latest apps and devices. Not only is it technology that parents struggle with, it’s the latest trends that this generation is also getting into. 

“My mom struggles like basically trying to work anything when it comes to technology,” junior Will Carlson said. “She doesn’t know how to do anything.”

“Things can happen; the internet can go out, it may take longer to upload stuff,” sophomore Cole Johnson said. “Stuff happens, and they should know that we can’t always get our work done because of those problems that can stop us from doing our homework so they should be able to understand that it’s not our problem. It’s not just us.”

Apps that are used most by Johnson, Hunter, and Carlson are Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Not only is it technology that has widened the gap between parents and their teens, but it’s also because parents have trouble connecting with their teens. According to Carl Pickhardt, parents who don’t accept the things that their kids like and enjoy can make their kids want to distance themselves more. 

Another reason parents don’t fully understand their kids are because of the high expectations that they have for their kids. According to The Hamilton Spectator, a canadian media source, parents put such high expectations on their kids because they want their kids to be successful in life, but most teenagers these days don’t care about their studies, so they don’t listen to the advice that their parents give them. Unfamiliar activities that parents aren’t used to also wedge a gap between the teens and the parents. 

“Growing up isn’t the same as how it used to be,” freshman Tyler Hunter said. “With them, they’re used to sticking with what they know, and with us, we’re more out there and trying to reach out with the new things.”