Senioritis: The Dangerous Senior Illness

Kianna Thompson, Staff

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As the middle of senior year rolls around, seniors are starting to slack, come to school late, or skip altogether. This is all based on senioritis, but is it really real? Or just a mental thing people have made up over the years?

Senioritis is the supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance. Seniors usually start to come into contact with senioritis towards the end of their junior year.

Research shows that freshmen, sophomores, and juniors do not even suspect themselves as vulnerable to senioritis, according to Steinhardt.

The feeling of sweatpants, leaving homework in the past, and skipping classes is a thing that most seniors experience one thing or another.

Students slacking off can affect their studies and their attendance, things that are essential to school.

Freshman year of college can be difficult, even for those students who have maintained stellar study and attendance habits, according to The National Association for College Admission.

For those who haven’t, the transition can be especially difficult.

In the long run, this can affect going to college. Even after students are accepted to college, this does not mean this is “set in stone.” Colleges are allowed to revoke their admissions offers months after they have accepted their students.

If you, or a student you know, are suffering from senioritis get help immediately. It is never too late.

By recognizing the symptoms early on and trying to combat this “illness” students can work to combat it early in the year before serious consequences take place.