Talking to your parents about sex and contraceptives

Tips on how to make talking to your parents about sex and contraceptives easier

Talking to your parents about sex and contraceptives

Jona Carper, Reporter

Often talking to parents about having sex in high school and the contraceptives that go along with it to stay safe is hard for most teens to do. But it’s easier than you think.

Just because your parents haven’t initiated the conversation doesn’t mean you can’t. It’s very obvious that this conversation is awkward not only for the kids but for the parents as well. has a few tips on how to get through this conversation easily.

“The talk” can’t be summed up into one conversation, according to Teensource online.  An easy way to get into this conversation is to talk about birth control, or wanting to be put on birth control. Birth control isn’t just used as a protectant during sex. It’s also used to regulate periods and help control acne. Another way to approach parents about birth control is to show them your research on it, and show them that this is something you’re really interested in. 

Let your parents know that this is an uncomfortable conversation for you to have, that way they know they’re not alone. It’s just as uncomfortable for the parent(s) as it is for the kid(s). When you start the conversation, don’t make it too personal, because then your parents might get a little suspicious of you.

If talking to your parents about sex, safe sex and contraceptives is too hard or uncomfortable, try talking to an older sibling or a trusted adult. has additional tips on how to make this conversation a little bit easier. 

Use a TV show or movie to get into the topic. If it’s easier, text them first about this before approaching them. When you start the conversation, think about what you want to say before you say it so you don’t get tongue-tied.

 The best time to talk to your parents about condoms or birth control would be when they’re not stressed and running around, like after dinner or before bed, according to sexinfo online. You can’t expect every parent to react the same when approached about this. Some parents will be a lot more strict when it comes to using contraceptives, and their kids having sex just in general. Talking to your parents about this lets them know that you have respect for them. has some of the same tips when it comes to talking about parents about sex.

A good way to introduce the topic is to use a movie or TV show. This way, you can work up to the point of making the conversation more directed towards you. If asking them about talking about this in person makes you uncomfortable, try approaching them about it through a text. 

Give them a heads up about wanting to talk about it. Talking about it bluntly or just throwing it out there without knowing if they’re stressed or what has happened with their day can create a lot more tension when talking about this.

As time goes on, the courage to talk to your parents will build more and more. The sooner you talk to your parents about this, the less stress you’ll have on your shoulders. The sooner, the better.