Artist Spotlight

Appreciating the talented artists at NAHS

Mary-Kate Howell, Reporter

Junior Katarina Riekhof 

Q: What made you get into art? 

A: “My stepmother is a tattoo artist and both of my parents went to art college so it just seemed like a natural thing for me.”


Q: What type of art do you typically focus on?

A: “I usually do portraits, whether it be realism or watercolor or digital art- just portraits.” 


Q: How long have you been doing art? 

A: I’ve been doing art since I was very young, probably 6 or 7.


Q: Do you have any plans for art in the future? 

A: “It’s more of just a hobby, but I could definitely use it in a career I go into later.” 


Q: Who/what are some of your inspirations? 

A: “There’s a lady named Violet Chachki that I do a lot of work modeled after. Other than that, just various portrait photography that I use as reference points.” 


Q: What does art mean to you? 

A: “Art is self-expression, it’s a way to convey feelings you normally wouldn’t be able to put into words.”