Tattooed teens: Miah Jamison

Jamison dedicated her tattoo to her late dog, Bailey.


Sydney Byerly, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Tattoos used to be seen as unprofessional and something only guys in biker gangs would have. However, the stigma has essentially evaporated as more and more teens get tattooed. 

What is the significance of your tattoo?

“My tattoo is of a paw print with a heart in the middle, I got it after my dog passed away from cancer. She was only five years old and it was really unexpected, my mom texted me during lunch saying she had a tumor preventing her from breathing so I immediately left and spent the last bit of time with her that I could. It was Friday the 13th and I had seen a few tattoo ads and asked my parents if I could get something for Bailey. They thought it was a good idea to help me have something to remember her for since it happened so fast. We were also a bit grief stricken and needed to get out of the house.”

I would definitely get another one, they’re really addictive.”

— Senior Miah Jamison

Where and when did you go to get your tattoo?

“Xtreme Ink. December 13th.”

What advice would you give someone who wants to get a tattoo?

“I would recommend getting something meaningful to you, my tattoo is on the back of my neck where I don’t really see it but I know it’s there [like Bailey].”

How well do you know your tattoo artist?

“I’m going to be honest I didn’t know my tattoo artist very well but [Cody from Xtreme Ink] did really good job.”