Netflix Series/Movies: Stranger Things

For your next Netflix binge.


Kianna Thompson, Reporter

With Spring Break coming up. Not all of us will be soaking up the sun in another state. Some of us will be stuck at home working, in bed, visiting relatives, etc.. Wherever you may be, being up to date on what your next Netflix binge may be is important. Boredom can hit at any point in time, even if you’re living it up for the week, and Netflix can be your go to, if you know what to watch.


An American sci-fi drama, Stranger Things is a show that wraps you in and keeps you hooked for days on end. It is about a young girl who escapes from a government testing facility that has enhanced supernatural powers. As she escapes she comes across a group of boys that are also looking for their friend who went missing days prior. It follows the story of Mike, Eleven, and their friends as they try to uncover the mystery of the government facility that used Eleven as their test subject and to find their friend who has somehow been wrapped into Eleven’s mess. The show was first released in July 15, 2016 and since then has aired a total of 3 seasons with a 4th season being filmed and trailers being released. The child actors on screen have compiled a huge following and grabbed the medias heart as love stories progress and more secrets are unraveled.

More Reasons to Watch:

Set in the 80’s, more and more teens have been changing their style to resemble that of the show. Leaving adults with 80s nostalgia and teens with a new sense of the world. The show is loved by everyone. With millions of tv shows out today, this one stand out with its old feel, and supernatural fiction, it has something for everyone. With only around 8 to 9 episodes each season, it is an easy watch to pass time, a different feel than most tv shows that have around 20 episodes. After being rejected by almost every network, it finally made its tv appearance on Netflix that has grown to become one of the most watched shows on Netflix. It has appealed to everyone with its homage to old horror movies, and its media attention around medical conditions among its actors and actresses. Stranger Things has emerged into “something for the books,” and I personally do not see it leaving anytime soon. A must have for any TV show fanatic.