It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Americans spread joy during quarantine with Christmas decor


Amber Songster, Reporter

After businesses and schools were temporarily shut down late March, thousands of people found themselves at a loss for what to do. Many had not realized that they had no hobbies, while others had run out of things to do. It just so happened that even Easter was spent during quarantine. Hope can seem to be lost during a hard time.

Several trends had started during the quarantine, one of which is the Christmas trend. People dug out their Christmas gear and put it back up to spread cheer during a tumultuous time. Houses were lit with lights, Christmas trees were put back up and decorated–it was almost as if the Christmas season was just starting rather than ending. 

Junior Corrin Pierce, who had encountered the holiday spirit first-hand, says the trend will brighten people’s spirits.

“People love Christmas music and scientifically so,” Pierce said. “Christmas time is a happy time and everyone tends to be the kindest, most joyful during it.”

The trend had taken off under hashtags such as #CoronaKindness, #LightsForLife, #ChristmasInMarch, according to the New York Times. Even the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in St. Louis relit its Christmas decor! 

Freshman Gabriella Rodriguez-Gandara says she has not heard of the trend but she thinks it will definitely boost people’s spirits.

“I would most definitely think it [would create ] a better mood,” Rodriguez-Gandara said. “Instead of worrying about what’s going on, I think the trend would bring some hope.”

According to the Christmas Tree Association (ACTA), putting up Christmas decorations can bring back childhood joy. 

“For one, doing so can actually make you a happier person,” according to ACTA. “Christmas decorations stir up feelings of pure joy and can literally modify some happy hormones in your body.”

While many are passing time with quarantine challenges, others are finding different methods to pass the time. 

“I would say my family has been keeping me busy now that I have more free time,” Rodriguez-Gandara said. “I have been helping out a lot. Another thing is school work. Some of my teachers have been giving me too much work. Lastly I go to the park and take a walk nowadays. Sometimes I play sports with my family.”