Senior Spotlight // Caroline Barbieri

Senior adjusts to restrictions during the pandemic


Lila Endres, Reporter

From an outsider’s point of view, cross country might seem like an individual sport where athletes try to get their best time or place, but really it is so much more. When scoring a cross country meet teams take their top five runners from the varsity race and add up their places; the team with the lowest points wins.

Senior Caroline Barbieri  started running track her freshman year but didn’t start running cross country until her junior year.

“I started running cross country because my friends, family, and coaches said I should give it a try,” Barbieri said.

Q: How do you push through long workouts? 

A: Think about water and running with my team because I know they are counting on me.

Q: How do you feel about your senior season looking so different this year?

A: Weird because it is hard to feel like a team when we can’t share things or sit together on the bus.

Q: What are you going to miss most about high school cross country and why?

A: I am going to miss my teammates and coaches because they have made me the runner that I am today.

Q: What is your favorite memory from being on the NAHS cross country team?

A: Going to Holiday World and riding roller coasters during the summer trip.

Q: Did the differences in conditioning affect your season? If so how? 

A: We’ve had to limit running with people and maintain social distance. This made the beginning of the season hard because it is much harder to get through a workout alone.

Q: Why should other people run cross country? 

A: Other people should run cross country because it is a great team to be a part of, and whether you want to just stay in shape or you love to run, it is really fun.

Q: Any advice for people starting cross country? 

A: Be ready to run in any condition, stay hydrated, stretch and roll, stay with a group, and most importantly, make every practice because it will really benefit you when the actual season starts.