iOS 14 update sparks creativity

Students have fun customizing home screens


Haley Shock, Reporter

On September 16 iOS 14 was released to all Apple products and with it came some colossal updates that had every iPhone user shaking in their boots. 

One of the biggest ones that has taken the world by storm is the ability to now add “widgets” onto your home screen to add accessibility to apps such as the Clock, Calendar, Weather apps and more. 

Users around the world saw this new feature as reason to redesign and reorganize their home screen with a new aesthetic, including many students. 

Shyann Cooper’s new home screen, Haley Shock’s yellow and black home screen, Emma Smith’s pink home screenMany have even gone the extra mile in changing the cover of all of their apps to match the theme they chose, which is a pretty laborious process and can take multiple frustrating hours to complete. Clara Weedman is one of them.

“[To create the whole look it took] like two days but that’s partly because I’m really lazy and because I kept cropping the pictures over and over so they’d look right and because I’m really indecisive,” Weedman said. “It was probably like four or five hours all together though.”

“Skeuomorphic/Neumorphic” by Clara Weedman

When creating her masterpiece Weedman spent many hours making sure all the small details of her new home screen were perfect. 

“I also organized all my shortcuts and stuff so whenever it goes to the app it’s not so gross to look at so that took awhile.” Weedman said. 

Weedman calls her home screen “Skeuomorphic/Neumorphic”. When creating this masterpiece she was influenced by skeuomorphism which is when a digital design mimics something from the real world, like a calendar app would look and sound like a calendar would.

“[Now] they’re designing using neumorphism, which is a mix between skeuomorphism and the flat designs they’ve been using,” Weedman said. “It focuses on drop shadows and lighting while still maintaining the consistency and simplicity of the flat icon.”

Creating an aesthetic for your phone can be a way of expressing your personality, using your favorite color, your favorite show, or just an aesthetic that speaks to you. Changing your screen may take hours upon hours of detailed work but in the end it’s an expression of you (or it just looks super freaking cool). 

Sydney Zuckschwerdt’s new home screen design.
Emma Smith’s most recent home screen design.


Sarah E. Jefferson’s new home screen design.



Teghan Owens’ new home screen.