How odd is The Odd Shop?

Small Business Spotlight


Ally Landgraf, Reporter

Sydney Zuckschwerdt // 10

In a town such as New Albany, it may be hard to find things to do on your weekends that are fun and not too far away.

With COVID-19 still ongoing, many public places are closed that were frequent for students such as the movie theater and especially for the autumn season, Harvest Homecoming.

Downtown New Albany is known for its abundance of small shops and businesses. For sophomore Sydney Zuckschwerdt and junior Clara Weedman, they emphasize their love for a newer shop, The Odd Shop.

“I love going to The Odd Shop, the atmosphere and decorations are really unique,” Weedman said.

The Odd Shop has been gaining popularity; many describe it as vintage and 1950s – 1990s nostalgia. It truly holds up to this description, as when you enter the shop it is full of older items and clothing that could bring up memories for any 50s-90s kid. The shop is always welcoming new treasures and you are guaranteed to find something that stands out to you. 

“I’ve been five times now and still look forward to every trip,” Zuckschwerdt said.

The shop is very colorful and decorated from floor to ceiling in vintage items from records to old-time posters and paintings. The store is very inviting and delightful to look around in. When shopping, you could find anything that you might like, from clothing, stuffed animals, toys, board games, CDs, and records, among other things.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone who wasn’t happy while I was there, ” Zuckschwerdt said. 

On one of many trips to the shop, Zuckschwerdt found two items she fell in love with, a vintage sweater and a lacy keychain.  She expresses her love for the items she bought and also noted that the Odd Shop was doing a sale.

“I love how unique they are, and also the sweater is gorgeous and definitely vintage,” Zuckschwerdt said. “They also had a sale this week so it was only $13 for both which was that was definitely a plus.”

The Odd Shop, like many other shops during this time, has taken special precautions to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus while still maintaining a fun and healthy business. Masks are mandatory at all times and it is recommended to stay at least six feet apart from other customers. 

“As for COVID regulations, they’re pretty much the same universally,” Weedman said. “Stay six feet away if you’re in different parties, and keep your masks on.”

Even with the regulations in place you are sure to have just as good of an experience in the shop. The workers have been described as kind and helpful, and if you live in New Albany it is a nice walk down to the shop. During times like these it is important to support local small businesses, especially with a global pandemic shutting down everything.

“I recommend pretty much every store I’ve gone into in downtown because of the atmosphere and personality each store and restaurant has,” Weedman said. “It’s like every place has it’s own individual vibe, a lot more so than any other group of stores.” 

The Odd Shop is located on 155 E Main St, New Albany, IN.