The same or different?

The debate continues about left Twix vs. right Twix


Carlee Smith, Reporter

Every year when Halloween passes we are all reminded of the age old debate: Left Twix or Right Twix? 

In 2012 Twix announced that the Left Twix and Right Twix were made different, meaning one has to be better. 

“The Left Twix tastes more caramel-ly,” sophomore Abby Lewis said. “I think it’s better because caramel is one of my favorite sweets.” 

On the other hand, a lot of consumers prefer the Right Twix to the Left one.  

“Right or I won’t eat it,”  freshman Mia Kerberg said. “Left is too crunchy and it makes my mouth dry. Right tastes more flavorful.” 

Twix claimes that in the Right Twix factory caramel “flows” onto the cookie and in the Left Twix factory caramel “cascade”s onto the cookie. They have also said the Right Twix is “cloaked” in chocolate where the Left Twix is “dipped” in chocolate. 

Although Twix has claimed these differences; the company is very vague and they haven’t given much detail. That allows skeptics to voice the opinion that both are the same. 

“They are made the same,” sophomore Clara Bishop said. “Both have a wafer caramel and chocolate.” 

People who believe one is better think that there is a very discernible difference in the taste of the candies due to these manufacturing differences. 

“Right is more caramel-ly and left is crunchier to me,”  Kerberg said.

“To me the left Twix tastes more caramel-ly while you can taste the cookie more in the right Twix,” Lewis said.

Which is odd, how can both sides be more caramel-ly? This is one reason skeptics believe it is all in consumerss heads.   

“It’s almost like the placebo effect,”  junior Abby Byrnes said. “People are tricked into thinking they’re different.”  

These skeptics think Twix may be using this as a marketing ploy to either get more publicity or to trick consumers into buying more of the candy.  

“There are no differences,” Byrnes said. “They just use it for marketing in order to make people buy more and desperately try to find a difference.” 

However, the consumers who do believe that they are different, believe very strongly in their opinion. 

“I very strongly believe they are different,” Kerberg said. “If they announce it is all a marketing ploy I’m going to cry or say it’s fake.”

“If it was all a marketing ploy I would be really shocked,” Lewis said. “I’m not sure if I just got it in my head or if there is an actual difference but I can taste the difference.”