Review: American Horror Story Season 1

Debut season of AHS is a must-watch


Photo by: David Shade

Bri Alleyn, Reoprter

Filled with the enigma of real life murder victims, American Horror Story: Murder House is a much watch.

After Dr. Ben Harmon (Dylan McDermott) cheats on his wife, his family needs a fresh start. The family decided to move to California with barely any money in their pocket. They find a beautiful, Victorian home with an amazing price. The only drawback is that the home has been the scene where many murders have taken place. The daughter Violet (Taissa Farmiga) is not excited about starting a new life. That is, until she meets the mysterious neighbor next door Tate Langdon (Evan Peters). Hopefully, the family will be able to survive the terrors that await them.

Every season of American Horror Story is based loosely on real people or real events. In season 1, Murder House, every murder is based somewhat on a famous victim. Some of the famous victims include Lilian Perelson and the two nurses Richard Speck killed. One of the most infamous victims is the Black Dahlia, who is also seen in this season. Eric Harris, a real life shooter, is also portrayed in the show. It is not just the characters that are based off of real people, but also the house itself. The Murder House is based off of the Amityville Horror House where a family needed a fresh start and bought a cheap home where the husband went crazy and tried to murder his family. 

The director did an amazing job with the character development. Every characters’ past is shown in astounding detail. Every character is grown to be loved by the viewers, even if they did have a horrific past. Even the ghosts get to tell their story. In the beginning, there are many loathsome characters, but then the viewers learn they are just misunderstood. Ryan Murphy, the creator of American Horror Story,  made sure the audience would love and connect with the characters. 

This show has so many twists and turns, that the next scene will always be unexpected. Murphy did an astonishing job at making sure the audience would be flabbergasted at the end of every episode and need to know what happens next. 

This is not a show for young viewers; this show was made for an older audience. There are scenes of suicide and violence and a few sex scenes. The murders are quite gory; I would not recommend this for young viewers.

Overall, I rate this season an 9/10. This season is one of the best. The character development and plot line is stunning. The only downside was the amount of vulgarity. If you love mystery, you definitely need to watch this show. You will not be able to take your eyes off of this show.