American Horror Story: Asylum review

Twists and turns make this season totally unpredictable


Bri Alleyn, Reporter

American Horror Story: Asylum is filled with horror and shocking twists each episode.

In season two of American Horror Story, Kit Walker (Evan Peters) is thrown in prison for being the notorious serial killer, Bloody Face, when his wife Alma (Brite Oldford) is found decapitated. He says he is innocent; that his wife was abducted by aliens, and that he did not kill all of those women. If it was not him, then who was it?

In the asylum, Kit meets Grace (Lizzie Brocheré) and news reporter Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson) who seem to be sane. The three of them plan to make an escape, but things do not go as planned as the devil possesses someone in the asylum. No one knows who they can trust. Even the nuns have their own evil secrets that will soon be uncovered.  

The mystery in this season is truly astounding. There are so many cliffhangers in each episode. There are so many twists and turns. Even though there are so many plot twists, none of them are predictable. Director, Ryan Murphy did a phenomenal job making sure the audience would stay hooked. 

At the beginning of the show, the characters were very hostile towards each other. As the season progressed, the characters showed more compassion when they learned of the horrors the other people had gone through. There were so many plot twists with each individual character. No one was who they claimed to be in the start of the show. It was all very unexpected. 

This is not a show for a young audience. In the beginning, there is not much gore but quite a bit of language. Throughout the season, there are also a few sex scenes. There is a rape scene, but it does not go unpunished. There is a lot of gore towards the second half of the season which mostly consist of murder and mutilation. 

With all of the disclaimers, it is a jaw-dropping show. Some of the characters are based on real life people. Kit and Alma are based off of a real life couple in the 1950s who said they were abducted by aliens. They are not the only real people that are in this show. There is also Lana Winters who was inspired by Nellie Bly. Nellie Bly was a famous American journalist in the late 1800s. Bloody Face is based off of Ed Gein, who used to make lampshades out of his victims. Ryan Murphy was definitely creative when writing this show.

This show overall was very phenomenal. There were so many plot twists that might even be better than those in season one. The plot line was very strong. There were so many characters based off of real people. The character development was astounding. The only drawback was the amount of disclaimers needed for this season. Altogether the show deserves an 8/10