The last few moments of Trump’s presidency

A.k.a. the last chapter of a horror movie

The last few moments of Trumps presidency

Haley Shock, Reporter

 The last four years have been some for the books… many, many books. There’s been some ups, and there’s been many, many downs — too many to count really. 

You could compare the last four years to a roller coaster! There’s that slow climb at the beginning, where you assess your surroundings and exchange worried chuckles with your friends as you realize what you’ve gotten yourself into, but it’s too late to stop.

Then you get to the top, right before the fall, where you can see the huge fall that awaits you and your eyes widen and your stomach lurches just slightly as your breathing increases as the panic starts to set in. Then, the fall. Suddenly you’re racing down the tracks at full speed, screaming and hoping you don’t puke, waiting for the falling to stop and the next upward hill to come, but it never does.

It’s just one long, daunting fall downward at an exponential rate until you’re honestly sick of this ride and wish you could just get off of it and go to a new ride, maybe get a funnel cake on the way. 

That’s pretty much how I would sum up the last four years in a nutshell. Just a really bad amusement park ride that’s extremely old and rusted orange and could go off the rails sending you and everyone involved to your quick and brutal demise. I could be overexaggerating, but I think we all know I’m not. 

I could attempt to go over everything that Trump has done in his single term as president, but I am not trying to dedicate the rest of my high school career to researching everything Trump has done as president. It would be bad for my mental health and leave me deeply depressed at the fact that this man was our president, the most powerful man in the country for four years. 

With that in mind, I think the last two months or so have been eventful enough to write an entire book about. Maybe it could be titled “Let’s leave bad vibes in 2020, see ya Trump!” or maybe “Is it over yet?: A tale of how Trump was finally kicked out of office”. So, let’s begin at the end, just like many great stories always do.

November 3, 2020 a.k.a. Election Day 

I think most Americans woke up on the morning of November 3 and added an extra splash of fear and a sprinkle of extra for the future of their country into their coffee. No matter the party, people everywhere, even outside of the United States were biting their nails and refreshing the poll progress screen like it was the launch of the Cyber Monday sale. 

While many people just went on with their day, almost everyone had the election in the back of their minds. It gnawed and chewed away at everyone’s brains, not knowing the results was killing just about everybody. 

Many supporters of Trump were convinced that Trump was going to win, that God himself chose Trump to be their president. 

I would also like to note that throughout his presidency, Trump, made many comments about his supporters possibly wanting him to stay in office for longer than two terms, as so “Keep America Great” but if I recall correctly the 22nd Amendment states “No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice…” As we all know, Trump is a protector of and firm believer in the Constitution, especially the 2nd Amendment which allows you to bear arms which his supporters seem to care about… a lot… like, A LOT. 

So my question is: is it right to get to pick and choose which parts of the Constitution you uphold? Are the amendments not there for a reason? Obviously, we have another case of people deciding what’s wrong and what’s right for the country based on their beliefs and ideals.

That’s besides the point though, many times throughout November 3, before most of the votes had even been counted, Trump had declared himself the winner. He tweeted many, many times during and after Election Day that he had won!

Now, maybe he was just ~manifesting~ a win, but I think he actually was just going through the process of grief, and as we know, the first step of grief is denial. 

After his denial, he proceeded to the second step of grief: anger. He took advantage of his twitter platform and went on a childlike rant about how the election was rigged, how voting polls went unsupervised, rambling on and on about fraudulent mail in votes, unregistered voters all over the place, and how if the didn’t count the mail in votes he obviously would have won. 

As we all know though, when you’re angry, you act irrationally.

January 6, 2021, a.k.a The Day the Capitol was Attacked

On January 6, history was made yet again as Trump sent his angry followers to the Capitol, which was filled to the brim with politicians deciding whether each state’s votes were fraudulent and whether they should be recounted. 

Now, of course when you send a bunch of angry minions to do your dirty work, things are going to get messy, and oh boy, did things get messy in the Capitol. 

The protest very quickly turned into a riot, as Trump supporters broke into the very much under-protected Capitol. Some scaled walls, others broke through windows, but overall it was an extremely wild group. 

These rioters seemed to have a lot on their to-do list when they were in the building though. Many people broke into officials’ offices, stealing laptops, mail, pens, papers, anything they could get their grubby little hands on. One person though seemed to have far worse plans in mind, like taking hostages. 

Many people were injured, many arrested, and many were left to be caught and put into jail. This violent day was bad on all of us, leaving us shocked, confused, and scared at the violence that ensued after Trump’s loss.  

January 8, 2021 a.k.a. The Day Trump was Permanently Suspended from Twitter

US President Trump struggles to unite country as he launches reelection campaign Twitter is Trump’s main way of communication, he uses it whenever he needs to share information with his followers, which is honestly a great thing to do considering it reaches a wide audience extremely quickly and is very accessible to just about everyone. 

It’s just too bad he got his favorite toy taken away from him.

On January 8, Twitter announced that they would be putting a permanent suspension on Trump’s twitter for inciting violence.

The President of the United States had to be grounded from social media because he couldn’t play nice.

Isn’t that lovely. 

His Last Days

On January 20, 2021, President-elect Joe Biden was sworn into office, kicking former president Donald Trump to the curb. 

I honestly wasn’t sure if Trump would actually leave, I was half expecting him to tie himself to his desk and demand he stay in office. 

Luckily though, he didn’t. He left with barely a peep. Not talking to the press and not following the tradition of leaving a note of advice and encouragement for the next person to come into office. 

And with his not-so-graceful exit, we now welcome President Joe Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris into office.  Hallelujah. Image result for biden and harris