I’m Vaccinated! Can I Take Off My Mask?


Mya Coddington, 11

Abigail Knoop, Reporter

Vaccines have rolled out. Age restrictions have been adjusted and new announcements from the CDC continue to be released. But what does that mean? What changes? 

As of May 2021, businesses are not required to require masks – per Indiana state government order. It was always a matter of private property obviously, but it was still pretty enforced. But now businesses can only really either enforce wearing masks inside their establishments or politely ask. But are people even listening when asked? More importantly, should they? 

Right now, around 1,942,376 Hoosiers have been fully vaccinated, according to the CDC, while 4,307,433 doses have been administered. That number is only increasing. Things will soon be “normal” like people have been wanting for so long, right?

That’s a bit unrealistic. Especially with a newfound “vaccinated superiority complex” as I like to call it, that people have come to develop. As a fully vaccinated person myself, I’m definitely guilty of this. “If I got my vaccine why do I have to wear this thing?” is a new question I catch myself and plenty others saying. It makes sense right? You did your part! You got the long- awaited vaccine. 

While that’s all valid, why not continue following the rules if it helps? Is a piece of fabric really worth throwing a fit over- especially if you’re mature enough to get vaccinated? You obviously believe in science at that point. 

Consideration plays a big part in it as well. Most people only wear their mask to not appear rude to others.

Junior Mya Coddington agreed with that much. 

“I feel like even if you’re vaccinated you still are required to wear [a mask] and get rude stares if you don’t, so it almost feels like there is no point,” Coddington said. “How does someone else know you’re vaccinated? I’m not gonna wear a name tag that lets everyone know!”

But what if you don’t want the vaccine, but also don’t want to wear a mask? Is that fair? Will people eventually turn to just lying about having their vaccine? 

“I would get the vaccine if it meant I didn’t have to wear [a mask] anywhere without judgement,” Coddington said. “But I don’t want to look like the odd one out.” 

This seems to be most people’s thought process. Why get something if nothing will change for you?

But the thing is, things are changing for you. You’re lessening your risk of being affected, you don’t have to quarantine once fully vaccinated (if showing no symptoms) and you get to be proud of the knowledge that you’re helping your community. 

So yes, you can take off that mask in most places. But is it really worth fussing if you can’t?