May the 4th

Troy Jones, Reporter

Every year, Star Wars fans rejoice for the iconic date of May 4, coined Star Wars Day, based off of the famous line, “May the force be with you.” However, Covid-19 is only in the beginning stages of cooling off in the United States, so cons, and other usual events, haven’t been able to happen. So, I compiled a list of things you CAN do this May the 4th, and “Revenge of the 6th”, to celebrate. 

The first big release of May the 4th, was the extension to The Clone Wars, The Bad Batch. The Bad Batch follows the story of a group of mutated, genetically altered Clone Troopers named The Bad Batch. Each of the Clones possess a special trait, giving them a heightened advantage on the battlefield, when they all work together. Hunter, Crosshair, Tech, and Wrecker are the names of the members of the crew, and you can find new episodes of this series on Disney+ every Friday.

Before The Bad Batch, you may want to propel yourself into the hit animated series, The Clone Wars, if you haven’t already. The Clone Wars shows fans what happens in between the second film in the franchise, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith. It may not be as appealing as the live-action films, and can be slow at times, but fortunately there are websites showing which episodes you can skip to get right into the action. Another honorable mention alongside the 3-D version, is the 2-D animated Clone Wars, which isn’t as popular. 

If you aren’t a fan of animation, however, you can always stick to the live action films. The Star Wars: Skywalker Saga collection is complete, and available on Disney+. Longtime fans will argue whether or not you view the films from I-IX, or in the order they were released. I say to enjoy them however you want! Make sure to slip in the side-stories Solo and Rogue One, if you want a more complex taste of the Star Wars universe. 

Finally, The Mandalorian. This series launched a few years ago, and has been a fan-favorite since it began. The Mandalorian follows the story of a bounty hunter making his earnings from Imperial Officials; until one day, his target seems too immoral, leading him on a new path in life. Both seasons one and two are available to view in full on Disney+. I do recommend watching The Clone Wars or Attack of the Clones beforehand, though, as some of the information can be confusing. 

That wraps up our fix of Star Wars for this week of celebration! However you celebrate, if you do, I hope you enjoy; and May the 4th be with you.