News Briefs

By: Drew Hendrickson

Bridge repairs offer hope

The Sherman Minton Bridge was closed on Sept. 9 as the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) discovered a two and one-half inch crack in a structural beam. INDOT is currently assessing the bridge for any more imperfections or cracks.  

INDOT has engineers working on ideas for possible resolutions for fixing these problems and ensuring that the bridge is safe; these engineers believe that a total replacement of the bridge is not needed.  The original crack has already been repaired, though the bridge will not be opened just yet.  INDOT has found other cracks but the original two and one half inch crack was the largest.

It has been reported that it will cost 20 million dollars to fix the bridge and take approximately six months to rebuild. This gives everyone who uses this bridge a glimmer of hope at the end of this standstill traffic tunnel that life without the bridge will be only temporary.

NHS hosts blood drive, asks students to participate

The National Honor Society is hosting a blood drive to benefit the Red Cross.  It will take place Oct. 19 at NAHS.  The Red Cross depends on blood drives like these for a lot of the blood they receive. Every bag of blood translates to three lives saved.  With over five million people needing blood each year and less than 38 percent  of people being eligible to donate, a good turnout would be well appreciated.

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