I like it, I love it: A guide to find new media you’ll enjoy

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Have you ever found yourself, after reading a really good book, listening to a great song, or watching a new favorite movie, trying to find another book, song, band, or movie similar? If you have recently read a book, seen a movie, or heard a song that you really enjoyed but you are struggling to find something similar to it, then here are some suggestions for you!

By Maggie Keller


If you were a big fan of the Hunger Games trilogy and you enjoy science fiction then you should try reading the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. If you enjoy these types of books then you should also read the Matched trilogy by Allie Condie. These trilogies have several things in common. Each of these series includes a teenage girl living in a dystopian society. Hunger Games and Divergent are both books in the Young Adult Genre. The main character in each is a 16-year-old girl who has to face a challenge that could lead to her death. The challenges in each involve high levels of violence. Others think of the main character in both settings from early on as a threat, despite being a girl. She has to make certain alliances, do things that go against her personal beliefs and discover her hidden strengths in order to survive. Each book also involves romance between the main character and another character in the story.


If you are a fan of Bruno Mars, you should listen to Travie McCoy, Jessie J, or Olly Murs. All these artists have the same style of music. Bruno mars and Travie McCoy are very similar artists. Travie McCoy has even been associated with Bruno Mars in certain songs including Billionaire.  If you are a huge fan of Maroon Five then you should try listening to the band Train or Coldplay. All three bands are in the pop-rock genre and have similar themes in their music. Both Train and Maroon Five are from California.

If you are one of the many fans of Rihanna, you should listen to famous female artists Rita Ora, Byonce, or Emile Sande. They are all popular female artists who have recently had success in their music careers. Rita Ora especially has many things in common with Rihanna including her style of music. She has even been said to copy the style of Rihanna. All four of the artists are of the pop Genre and attract the same audience.

Taylor Swift has recently had a great deal of success in her career, especially with her new and successful album titled Red. If you are one of her many fans then you would like artists Ed Sheeran, Hunter Hayes, and Ellie Goulding. They all share similar styles of music. Ed Sheeran has paired with Taylor Swift recently for a duet called “The Sun”. Singer Hunter Hayes shares Swifts’ country roots and style.


If you liked the movie Pitch Perfect, Then you should watch Bridesmaids or Step up Revolution. Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect share the same genre. They all share similar audiences. Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect both feature actress Rebel Wilson.

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  1. Jamie S. on February 11th, 2013 6:38 am

    Great article. The idea is quite simple, yet very helpful. I have it hard when I’m trying to find something new to watch, to read or listen to… but searching good actress or reviews of genres helps. I also like visiting good blogs for new tips or ask around.


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I like it, I love it: A guide to find new media you’ll enjoy