Confessions of an Only Child

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Picture 2By: Jessica Sears & Shayla Jones


Confession #1: Imaginary Friends=Big Imagination

As an only child we get asked quite often if we ever had imaginary friends. Are you kidding? Not only did we have our own imaginary friends, but those imaginary friends had their own friends. Thanks to this minor display of schizophrenia, we have been blessed (or maybe cursed) with a huge imagination. Spongebob would be so proud.

Confession #2: Everyone your age is insane

When we were younger, we spent so much time with adults and got so used to their immensely, superior vocabulary, that it was quite a shock once we finally interacted with other children our own age. And let’s just say, we literally thought everyone our age was a total idiot. In fact, we went out of our way to not talk to anyone our age. Lucky, we still had our imaginary friends to help us through this rough patch of being antisocial.


Confession #3: The challenge of making new friends

As an only child, coming across friends our own age didn’t come as easy as 1, 2, 3. If our moms would invite their friends’ children over to have a play date with us… it didn’t usually go as planned. “Um, playmates? But Mom, I want to hang out with the grown ups!” It was partly social awkwardness and also because we admired adults’ intellect and listening to all their interesting stories.


Confession #4: The Spoiled Child Syndrome

Oh, you’re an only child? You must be so spoiled! Well, in a way, yes. As an only child, you don’t have to share your parents, your toys, or anything else for that matter. You are spoiled with almost infinite amounts of attention; but it does get lonely at times. Plus, you don’t have anyone to blame when you break something. Sigh.


Confession #5: Your birthday is like a national holiday

To further amplify the stereotype of only children being spoiled brats, we must now turn our attention to the most wonderful time of the year, and no we’re not talking about Christmas. The most awaited event of the year happens to be our birthdays. It is the day we take reign as king or queen of our household. Since you have no other siblings to compete with for getting the most presents and love, it is the best day of the year.

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Confessions of an Only Child