Twilight’s (second) New Moon

How Netflix and celebrities re-sparked student interest in the 2008 supernatural-romance movies.


The 2008 supernatural romance, Twilight, has now gotten its second “New Moon” after the series has been added to Netflix and endorsed by celebrities like Olivia Rodrigo.

“I found Twilight through my cousin who lent me her copies of the series to read,” junior Amanda Richeson said.

Author Stephanie Meyers published the first of four books of the saga in 2005, which was later adapted into a movie in late 2008.

“[Twilight is] really creative and it was written by a woman who kind of came from nothing and made a franchise that’s like huge,” freshman Isabelle Rodriguez said. “Everyone knows it and everyone loves it.”

Although Twilight does have a large following like Rodriguez said, not everybody is a fan of the five-movie saga. 

“I think Bella is a bit too obsessive at times and the main vampire guy takes his shirt off too much,” sophomore Logan Papp said.

Many times disliking Twilight can be as simple as “not being somebody’s cup of tea”. 

“I thought the characters were kind of boring and the movies aren’t very interesting,” junior Luke Hoffman said. “Often, if I am ever going to watch a movie, I just don’t want to watch Twilight.” 

However, other times people have larger problems with the franchise, such as social implications. 

“I think it might be implying that people have to be perfect, like with the vampires and how ripped and muscular they are,” Papp said. 

Even though some students don’t like the series, others hold sentimental views towards the saga and use the movies to help them navigate through their everyday lives.

“In that world, there is so much that goes on with the supernatural element and it’s strange to think who can I relate to,” Rodriguez said. “I want to say Bella because I am a freshman in high school and ‘where is my place at this school?’. It’s also seen later in the movie to the point where she kind of accepts it, through the help of of course Edward. She’s like ‘it’s okay not to fit in’.”

Other times, people choose to watch Twilight for comedy or comfort. 

Instagram story post by Olivia Rodrigo

“I watch Twilight at least once a month, if not more,” Richeson said. “It always makes me feel better if I am having a bad day.”

Even Though Twilight started off popular, the series slowly dropped into the depths of irrelevancy. Now the series has started to recover from the spell of disfavor due to the movies being added to Netflix on July 12, 2021. Around the same time, singer Olivia Rodrigo started being vocal about her love of the series on social media.

“People should watch Twilight because it has an interesting plot and cool characters,” Richeson said. “Alice is my favorite.”

Now that Twilight has been added to Netflix and talked about by celebrities that many look up to, a whole new generation of people are now able to enjoy a story that means so much to so many.