Jewelry in the making


Not every class is hands on like jewelry. 

Art teacher Monica Schotter has never taught a jewelry class in her time of teaching. 

“It is a little bit hectic but it’s exciting [and] a little nerve wrecking,” Schotter said. 

Since this is her first year teaching jewelry, she is trying her best and going with the flow. Right now students are making paper beads and turning them into different types of jewelry.

“What I’m seeing is turning out way better than I anticipated,” Schotter said. “I thought they would be good but some of them are going to be amazing,” 

Senior Emma Green is currently working on a bead project and wants to make a crown. She hopes it will turn out to be the size of Princess Peach from Mario.

 “I think the easiest thing about the bead project was mod podging,” Green said. “ It just takes a long time because I have to do more quotes.”