The price to (watch) play

The Hoosier Hills conference raises ticket prices for sporting events


Abby Moutardier, Editor-in-Chief

After going to her daughter’s volleyball game for the past four years, a mom is confident the $5 will successfully get her in the gate, however when she hands over the cash, she quickly finds out that ticket prices have risen to $6. 

The adult admission price rise is not exclusive to New Albany, but instead a decision made by the Hoosier Hills Conference, which encompasses seven South Central/ South Eastern Indiana schools. Student pricing is $3 at Bulldog athletic events, however the lower price is at the schools discretion.

“We always have a lesser student price, with 2020-2021 being the exception because of Covid,” Ticket Manager Jensen Ricke said. If a parent is looking to dodge the additional cost, committing to a season ticket will save them that extra dollar at home games. 

For most away games, parents will be paying $6 for a ticket,” Ricke said. “With home games, parents can still pay only $5 [per] game by purchasing either a season ticket for that sport, or the new 10 game athletic pass. The athletic pass is good for any home game except boys basketball.” 

Away competitions within the HHC still require parents to pay the $6 admission. For larger families, the increased cost may quickly add up- being as much as $216 for two parents and a sibling to attend the 12 away girls volleyball. Before the price increase the same sporting event would cost $180. 

“NAHS has done a very nice job with their sports [ticket] packages, but when you have to travel to other schools and pay a higher price and pay for gas it gets tough,” Math teacher and soccer parent John Kaiser said. “I have two student athletes playing this fall and that is around 30 games in total.  So if half of those are road games at $6 a ticket that is $90 for just me.  That doesn’t include my wife and our other children. It just adds up very quickly.”   

Ticket sales help fund athletics, meaning a sport with less season ticket holders has potential for a revenue increase.  

“[Ticket revenue] varies greatly from sport to sport based on the number of home events and attendance at each event,” Ricke said. “Many fall sport parents have already purchased season tickets at the $5 price point from last year. Athletics are funded primarily through ticket revenue and concessions, therefore additional revenue will continue to fund Athletics for our student athletes.”