It’s turkey time


Katelyn Higgins, Reporter

In less than 48 hours, millions of families across the US will gather to celebrate Thanksgiving. 

 “Americans buy upwards of 40.5 million rolls for Thanksgiving – fluffy, white, and often forgettable,” according to Bob Villa.

Sophomore Elena Edmiston says she doesn’t like Thanksgiving.

“Rolls [are my favorite] because I get them from Texas Roadhouse every year,” Edmiston said.

“Approximately 85 percent of Americans celebrate Christmas,” according to Statistia.  

“[Thanksgiving] is not as good as Halloween or Christmas,” Edmiston said.

Christmas is the most popular holiday, according to Statistia.

“[Thanksgiving is overlooked] because a lot of people celebrate Christmas too early; it just clashes together,” Edmiston said.

Some people eat with their close family, while others also gather with their extended family.

“I sometimes eat with my external family after Thanksgiving,” Edmiston said.

Some people don’t like eating dinner with their family.

“I’d rather eat with my dog on Thanksgiving rather than my family,” Edmiston said.

Junior Avery Decker says she loves Thanksgiving.

In the NAHS poll, 24 percent of students say macaroni and cheese is their favorite side dish. 

“[My favorite side dish is] macaroni and cheese because my grandma makes it every year,”  Decker said.

 The first Thanksgiving took place in 1621, according to history.

“[Thanksgiving] is my favorite holiday, it sucked since we couldn’t have it last year,”  Decker said. “[Thanksgiving is overlooked] I think so because people don’t take it into consideration spending time with family,” Decker said.

“[I celebrate thanksgiving on thanksgiving day] and I do two other times after Thanksgiving,”  Decker said.

In the poll 40 percent think Thanksgiving is overrated. 

“It’s the best holiday, it’s important to me,” Decker said.