NA wrestling sets sights for state title

First year Head Coach Randall Lynch hopes to lead the Bulldog wrestlers to a successful season. 

“I think we’ll be a pretty solid team,” Lynch said. “We have some experience with these seniors we have starting.”

Lynch has 18 years of coaching experience at Providence, Hazelwood and Scribner. The alumni says he was excited to be considered for the head coaching position. 

“I really was appreciative to even be considered for it,” Lynch said.

If you make it through a season there you never want to leave.

— Sierra Zamorano // 11

The team finished fifth in the 2021 sectional.

“One of the things coming into New Albany–[which] was a very good surprise–was how strong of a work ethic that everybody on the team has they really give it their all,” Coach Lynch said.

Senior Paul King is 5-0 this season and has made it to semi-state twice in his three years of wrestling. He has high hopes for the future of the team. 

“Hopefully by next year we will have a lot more kids make it to semi-state,” King said. 

With 19 wrestlers as of their preseason, four of them seniors, expectations are high for a successful season. 

When asked about expectations: “Nothing less than win state,” King said.

Senior Jaden Grant has been wrestling for nearly seven years, the last three years at New Albany and is 6-0 this season. During his time on the team he has made it to semi-state. 

“Making it to semi-state motivates you more to make it to state,” Grant said. 

Junior Sierra Zamorano has been wrestling for three years.

“I kind of fell in love with [wrestling] and the people there,” Zamorano said.

Currently Zamorano is 3-1 and expects to qualify for Girls State while expecting others on the team to go to semi-state.

“If you make it through a season there you never want to leave,” Zamorano said. 

Although a close-contact sport is scary in a pandemic, Coach Lynch assures that they are taking the proper precautions. 

“We’re still having to deal with it, monitor and adjust accordingly to make sure that we don’t get into a situation like last year,” Lynch said. 

“I really enjoy being with the team and I hope all of us make it to the highest level,” Grant said. 

The next meet will be December 18 at Jeffersonville High School with nearly 20 teams.