New Teacher Profile // Mr. Jason Goforth

English teacher enjoys interacting with students


Katelyn Higgins, Reporter

Q: What made you decide to become a teacher?

A: I have always enjoyed working with young people whether it is teaching, mentoring or coaching them, it has always been a rewarding experience. However, I haven’t always been a teacher.

Q: Why did you choose to teach English?

A: I like the way novels and stories can provoke deeper conversations and connections with students and how literature can deeply affect our lives.

Q: How has your first year of teaching been so far?

A: So far this year has been great. I’m enjoying my time with students and our interactions and seeing students connect with the content.

Q: What are some pros and cons to teaching?

A: Pros: Getting to interact and connect with students. The great pay. The amazing schedule. The amazing team of teachers with whom I can grow and learn from. Cons: Dealing with drama that originates outside of school, that leaks into the classroom, and interferes with teacher/student and student/student interactions.

Q: Would you recommend teaching to others? Why?

A: I don’t recommend teaching to anyone unless they really enjoy students. Personally, students come first. That brings with it all the drama and mess that is inherent in people. But seeing students grow and mature throughout the year is very rewarding. Especially, when they enjoy the content I am teaching when they don’t initially have a good opinion of English.

Q: What do you like teaching most? Books? Writing?

A: I really enjoy writing and reading but the discussions and connections made are what makes it all worthwhile.

Q: What do you love most about NA students?

A: I like the authenticity of NA students and their willingness to share their thoughts and life experiences in class as it pertains to the content we are converting.