Summer Fashion…continued from May Print Edition

Summer is around the corner and many students are prepare.

Summer Fashion...continued from May Print Edition

Alysia Bailey & Katelyn Higgins, Reporters

Mrs. Kiya Stewart // FACS teacher

What trends do you expect to come back? “I keep seeing that low rise pants are on their way back but I’m a high waisted fan.”

What’s your favorite summer essential? “My tan strappy sandals. They are Crocs so you can wear them to the pool or just about anywhere else.”

How would you describe your summer trends/fashion? “My summers are spent hiking with my dogs, camping, or at my sister’s pool. To sum that up, I’d say very casual.”

Do you feel that summer fashion is overrated or underrated?  “Overrated. Maybe it’s because I am a teacher, but I sometimes wonder if anyone gets out of a t-shirt and leggings/shorts in the summer.”

What is your favorite store to get summer clothes? “I try my best to buy nearly everything at thrift stores. So my students often run into my digging through Mustard Seed for the perfect outfit.”

How much money do you spend during summer on clothes? “I probably do make too many thrifting trips, but I would say I’m not over $100.”

When shopping do you always look for clothes that are in season or clothes for future time?“Since I love thrifting, I always have to be thinking ahead. In fact, I recently bought a cute sweater even though it will be months before I wear it. When it only costs $4.77, you have to think ahead.”