Fashion hits and misses

Celebrities go all out for the Met Gala


Olivia Head, Reporter

Incoming one and all stars to the 2022 Met Gala!

Since the cancellation of last year’s Met Gala due to the rise of Covid, stars took to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s red carpet in an uproar of all kinds of news and old and quite bizarre fashion. This year’s theme was “In America: An Anthology of Fashion,” due to the museum’s newest exhibit. 

This year I’m rating some of the best and possibly worst looks the red carpet has ever seen. 

Ok folks, let’s start with our first contestant: Kim Kardashian.

If I could talk to Kim one-on-one I’d ask her: was the hair really necessary? I get the dress; the dress in itself is beautiful and glamorous for the red carpet but the way 

she wore her hair just didn’t suit it at all. She was reaching for a Marilyn Monroe look, but more or less achieved a fancy dinner date look instead. In some ways she did reach for the theme of the event since it was originally Marylin Monroe’s dress in the first place, but at the same time it looked as if she was kind of dressed down compared to the extravagant red carpet show around her. In summary, love the dress, ditch the hair, and I’ll take Pete for myself.

Our next contestant coming all the way from Los Angeles, Billie Eilish.

She absolutely killed the theme this year. The dress was accurate with the low bust and high waisted back on the end and her hair and simple makeup completed the look perfectly. I didn’t particularly like the color of her sleeves though, they were a mint greenish-type of color that just turned me off from the cream color of the rest of the dress. The dress wasn’t for me but maybe for others. It didn’t really make sense to have such a color contrast, but compared with her perky personality if fit her perfectly. It seemed like she had to be squeezed in the dress as well but out of all the A-listing stars she might have been the closest to an actual fashion trend. 

Up next, our third contestant is Blake Lively. 

Blake, my queen, served her fashion up on a dish and left absolutely no crumbs behind. She hit the theme head on, I loved the dress and the copper color and the transformation she played at the end summed up an American legacy with a touch of glamour. I loved that she took inspiration from the Statue of Liberty and incorporated something so historic into a fashion, I’ve never seen or heard of anybody doing that and pulling it off. It was absolutely beautiful – from her long pink gloves to her long train at the end, out of all the stars she shined the brightest. 

Our next contestant in her usual sporty mood is, Bella Hadid. 

If I could sum up her look in a couple words it would be “angsty teen gets a hold of mother’s makeup”. If she wasn’t going to the Met Gala and maybe just a regular fashion event, the dress would have been perfect. I loved the dress and the black corset and her long trains attached to her long gloves, it was inventive and beautiful, but wasn’t meant for the Met Gala. She hit the theme only slightly, I can see some resemblance with it but so far it was a hard miss. Her hair looks like a kid styled it and she just looked like she was hangry the whole time. Maybe if she had changed the long bottom of her dress and made it less wholly, it looked more or less like a kid cut at it with scissors, then now we would be talking with “In America: An Anthology of Fashion.”

Our last, but not least contestant, is Kylie Jenner.

Ok Kylie, I thought I was saving the best for last but I guess you gave us “Just married at Wrigley Park” instead. This was…controversial to say the least. I can understand the dress, points added for the long fluffy train at the end, I loved that. The sleeves and the weird mesh added to the top was a complete turn-off from the dress; it looked like she was trying to stay Sunday ready while at the same time trying to look like the billionaire that she is. The hat only defeated the whole outfit more, she looked like a child trying to dress up as her favorite princess but buying everything from Dollar Tree. Her posing like a model while she wore a costume for a Halloween party only made the whole situation more awkward. Sorry Kylie, you weren’t it this year.