One last celebration

Anchor Club to host senior dinner dance May 27


Joy Robinson, Reporter

The second annual senior dinner dance is in two days: Friday May 27 from 6-9 p.m. at IUS. 

Senior Hadley Thompson is the organizer of this year’s Anchor Club senior dinner dance. 

“The main goal of this event is that it is an end-of-year celebration for all the seniors, just like one last celebration,” Thompson said.

In its second year, Anchor Club decided to keep the senior dinner dance tradition going. 

“I just think it’s something cool that each senior class could look forward to something fun to wrap up their school year with their classmates,” Thompson said. 

There were many challenges, like finding a venue and finding an available date.

“There’ve been many obstacles with planning this,” Thompson said. “The first was getting a date set because there are so many athletic events going on with every single sports championship like that same weekend along with the seniors finals, Forecastle, getting a venue, getting a caterer and making it affordable at the same time.”

Anchor Club members have been working to plan the dance for months.

“We started talking about it at the beginning of the school year but we couldn’t finalize anything because of cCvid and then we couldn’t actually start planning until a month prior because we didn’t have any sports schedules for their championships so that also made it really difficult,” Thompson said.

Anchor Club also sponsored a dance in March for sophomores, juniors and seniors; this dance is specifically for members of the Class of 2022.

“With this, it’s different because it’s just seniors so we didn’t know how many were wanting to go and then we had to plan it specifically around the senior schedules,” Thompson said.

Senior Isaac Minton has tickets to the senior dinner dance  and plans to go with friends; he also attended the Anchor Club dance.

“I’m looking forward to all the dances and stuff we are gonna do,” Minton said. “It’s gonna be a different experience than like the Anchor Club dance because there’s gonna be actual food and a structured dance.”

Thompson has heard a variety of feedback about this dance, but says she “hopes everyone has a good time.”

“Lots are upset about the date, which I was upset about, but that was literally the only date we could do but others are also very excited,” Thompson said.

Senior Shelby Brown is looking forward to the event and says she hopes that the food is good.

“Honestly, [I’m excited about] getting to see all of my senior class one last time,” Brown said. “I feel like it’ll be a lot of fun to have just us seniors there together and dancing – and also the food.”

“I feel like it’s a good idea and it’s giving us like one final dance,” Minton said. “One more thing to do before the year is over. One final fun thing.”