2022 Retirement Profiles//Jeff Williams

Science teacher Jeff Williams reflects on his career


Abby Moutardier, Editor-in-Chief

As the school year comes to a close, the 23 year New Albany High School career of science teacher Jeff Williams does the same. 

I am looking forward to the next season in my life, however it is a little unnerving, not knowing what the future holds,” Williams said. “I have been teaching for the last 34 years. Each year is very similar as far as time, seasons, stop and start, vacations. It’s all been scripted out for me as long as I have known it, not to mention 18 years of being a student too. Each year I knew what the schedule was. Now it’s not known for the first time in my life.”

Williams says that a lot has changed during his time at NA, from the building to the style of teaching. He says he specifically remembers being a witness for other teachers to paddle students. 

“I am a dinosaur,” Williams said. “Teaching has changed so much, students have changed so much, and too after the Covid years it was very stressful and difficult to teach.  Stress takes a toll on a person after a while.”

In his time teaching, Williams says that he has seen how students and their view of learning has changed.

“Schools have become more of social institutions rather than a place to learn,” Williams said. “Students are more concerned with getting the answer rather than understanding why the answer is what it is. They want the grade no matter how they get it. Get the grade, pass the class, graduate. I suppose there is value there someplace.”  

Just as he has seen students change, Williams also says that the purpose of school in general has evolved during his career. 

“There are so many services that students can take advantage of,” Williams said. “Medical, counseling, food, etc.  I am not saying all of these are bad.  Many are good, but when I started teaching, students were there to learn, to achieve an education so that they could become better equipped for life.”

Williams says that his favorite part about teaching is the other teachers, and shares a couple memories of his time at the school. 

“I kicked a hole in the wall after becoming mad and upset at a class,” Williams said. “I was lecturing one day and my front tooth shot across the room.  I went over, wiped it on my pants, and stuck it back on the post that it came off of.”