Drip, don’t trip

Students share outfit advice, including importance of the perfect shoe


Jordan 4 Taupez Haze

Luke Blair, Reporter

At NAHS if you ain’t drippin’ you trippin’. 

“If you don’t look good you won’t feel good,” junior Gage Stice said. “And everybody wants to feel good.” 

Stice says he believes style is a very important part of who you are.

“The most important part of an outfit is shoes for sure,” Stice said. “They really stick out and it looks good if you can match your shoes with everything else.”

Stice’s favorite shoe model is the Air Force 1. Nike introduced the Air Force 1 in 1983 and reports more than $800 million in sales each year, according to Man of Many.

“It has been the most popular shoe for so long and is just such a good shoe overall,” Stice said. “I think they are one of the greatest looking shoes.”

Stice described what he believes is a good outfit.

“You need at least two articles of clothing on the top like a jean jacket or something cool to make it layered,” Stice said. “The colors have to flow from beginning to end. You never want to be too matching with things or it can look kind of bad.” 

Junior Corinne Miller thinks otherwise. 

“A good outfit is nothing specific,” Miller said. “A good outfit is anything that somebody is comfortable with wearing and they think it looks good themselves. It doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks. Everybody’s style is different so no one should judge somebody else’s.”

Miller described what her favorite colors to wear are.

“My favorite combination of colors is really basic,” Miller said. “I just like wearing black and white a lot. I feel like it looks the best and it can match anything.” 

Miller also adds on with her favorite shoe.

“I think that the best shoe brand is Nike, but I think the best shoe is the New Balance 550,” Miller said. “It is kind of like the Nike Dunk of New Balance. It is very popular and has a pretty similar build and look to it, but I personally would take the 550s over the Dunks any day.”

Style is different everywhere and many people dress differently based on different occasions. Miller explains when the most important days are to dress nice. 

“When you go to prom a big point of it is to show off,” Miller said. “You can wear something colorful and bright for everybody to see. A lot of people match their boyfriend’s suit and their girlfriends dress. I think it’s cute. At a wedding you cannot be as colorful but it is one of the biggest days of your life.” 

Junior Elijah Crowdus says he mostly shops online and footwear is key.

“The most important part of an outfit is shoes by far,” Crowdus said. “Everybody looks at shoes. Especially nowadays when they are really at the peak of popularity and especially the prices of them.”

Crowdus loves shoes and orders most from the Nike website.

“If I had the money to buy more shoes I would have a lot,” Crowdus said.

His favorite shoe model is the Jordan 4. A classic shoe released in February of 1989 in four different colorways. Black Cement, White Cement, Military Blue, and Fire Red. 

“My favorite shoe brand is Jordan,” Crowdus said. “The best Jordan model is the Jordan 4. It is just like a better version of the Jordan 3 and the popularity has been going way up on them recently. Jordan has been releasing a lot more colorways too. But the prices of them are insane, I wish I could afford a pair.”

Crowdus has a similar opinion to Miller when it comes to style.

“There is no specific style that is the best style,” Crowdus said. “Everyone has their own opinions so whatever they feel is the best style to them is what they are gonna wear. If you like what you are wearing, then the style is good. No question about it.”