Midget Mafia OG

The man, the myth, the internet legend


Jack Moutardier, Reporter

Growing up in America presents many opportunities and the American dream. From decade to decade the dreams of many people change. I personally have been inspired by many people in my life. But one of the top inspirations to me is Tik-Toker Midget Mafia OG. 

TikTok has brought the opportunity for so many to rise to fame. Sometimes this can be for the good or for the bad. When it comes to TikTok, Midget Mafia OG has done nothing short of using his platform for the greater good of many civilians.  With almost 2 million followers on one account and 500,000 followers on the other, everyone loves to experience Midget Mafia OGs videos. Midget Mafia OG, whose real name is Jody Cieutat, is 40 years old and a dad and husband.

To the same as many on TikTok, Midget Mafia OG rose to fame in the matter of one video. In the video, Midget Mafia OG was asked what his favorite candy was.

“Reese’s Pieces and lifesavers Gummies, you give me a bag of them and they’re gone.” OG said.

Midget Mafia OG has a purpose for every video. Since the start of his TikTok videos, he started with what he calls, ‘chapter 1’. With every video, he and his mafia move from letters to words, to paragraphs, to pages, and then to finishing chapters. with every video, his ‘book’ advances.

Midget Mafia OG is a big family man. He loves his daughter very much and in one of his biggest videos, he has a family tradition song, ‘Happy Burdle Day.’ This song is his family’s spin on the hit classic ‘Happy Birthday.’

Midget Mafia OG answering fan’s  questions

 However, with all the fame, Midget Mafia OG is still humble. Even through the success, he is very grateful for all his followers and says he loves seeing all of his followers help him progress through the chapters.


 Along with candy, Midget Mafia OG loves collecting shoes. His favorite brand is AND1. He describes the shoes very highly saying,


“These are awesome, they’re so sick,” OG said.

With so many celebrities sparked from TikTok, very few are as positive as Midget Mafia OG. Midget Mafia OG is a true American hero and shows us what a dad should be to a daughter, and what a husband should be to a wife. He has inspired so many people to try Reeses Pieces and lifesaver gummies that at many stores, you can’t find them anywhere, they’re gone.

Similar to many, Midget Mafia has had highs and lows. Last week Midget Mafia had his main account with almost 2 million followers banned. The reason for this was his fans. While the majority of his fans are sincere and nice, some people couldn’t do that and had to make fun of him or others. This led TikTok to disable the account, but through communication with fans pushing it too far, the account is now back and ready to roll!

For Midget Mafia, a positive scenery is more important than anything. Midget Mafia wants everyone to just enjoy his videos and everyone to get along and inspire each other.

Recently Midget Mafia got himself available to book on ‘Cameo’. Cameo is an online company, used to connect celebrities and fans. The range of people on ‘Cameo’ is wild! Some Of the celebrities on ‘Cameo’ include Floyd Mayweather Jr., Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Brett Farve, and Ice Cube, just to name a few. 

However, despite how big these celebrities are, Midget Mafia proved to be better! In the first week of Midget Mafia being on ‘Cameo’, he had the most booked that week, and even more, he had the most videos booked in a week in ‘Cameo’ history! 

This alone shows that the sky is the limit for Midget Mafia OG. Despite some fans being too much at points, almost everyone in his fan base has good intentions about things said.

Many people would think Midget Mafia OG is just a normal man, with a normal profession, who just makes fun TikToks. However, he is actually an actor and a stunt double, he has been featured in both Avengers: End Game, and Avengers: Infinity War. This just goes to show how talented he really is, why he is no joke, and actually a man with much wisdom.

Overall it will be interesting to see what is next for Midget Mafia OG. With so many huge videos, the sky is the limit.