Looking for a scare?

Local haunted attractions, get your scare of the year!!!


Cooper Anderson, Reporter

As October begins that also means Halloween and what better way to get into the Halloween spirit than going to haunted houses. The most well-known haunted house in our area would probably be the Culbertson Mansion. 

The Culbertson Mansion isn’t only a haunted house, it’s also a historical site. The Culbertson Mansion was added to the National Register of Historic Places June 28, 1974 but opened in November of 1869. The Culbertson Mansion’s annual haunted house has been scaring visitors since 1985 and returns year after year with spooky sights and terrifying chills in the mansion’s Carriage House. A $15 entry fee can give you the scare of your life Wednesday to Sunday, 7-11 PM. One of the reasons people keep coming back year after year to the Culbertson Mansion is due to the fact that it all might be real. Staff have reported many problems in the carriage house. These include electrical problems, mysterious figures moving from room to room, strange sounds after hours and missing items. but then again if you’re not into the scars then you can tour the Culbertson mansion as well. Overall the Culbertson mansion is a great choice with it being located right in the center of New Albany downtown, it’s not a bad drive at all. And for only $15 you get to see a historical building and get a good scare. The scare factor although it might not be the scariest it’s still fun to go to with friends and family.

Next up just a little ways from New Albany is the Field of Screams, my personal favorite. The Field of Screams has so much more to offer than just a haunted house. Along with the haunted house they have a Maze Design which is just a haunted maze recreated differently each year so that the participants won’t know what’s coming. Next known as the Hayride of Hell, is the scary 20 to 25 minute hayride with terrifying actors. Although they are only open days are only Friday and Saturday from 7 PM to 1 AM many people still find the time to get there waiting in lines for over an hour just to go through this terrifying haunted house. Field of screams is definitely the scariest in my opinion so on the scare factor it wins. But with the drive being over an hour from New Albany some might say it’s not worth it due to the fact that the lines may also be over an hour long wait. for all four of the attractions the cheapest you can get them for is $35 but the most expensive is $50 depending on how busy field of screams is will change the price.

 Next up located right across from providence high school in Clarksville Indiana is Malice Manor. Also open Friday-Sunday Malice Manor can be quite the weekend trip if you’re looking for a great scare. not to spoil anything but the chainsaw does play a big factor in this haunted house. Although it’s not the cheapest, coming in at $25 for a regular ticket, it is cheaper than field of screams and has the option of spending 15 more dollars to get a fast pass, and another $20 adding up to $60 for a fast pass right to the line in front of everyone. In my opinion I would say it’s not as family friendly as Culbertson mansion is with having many narrow hallways And quite a bit of profanity but definitely a top choice if you’re looking for something to do with some friends. And having the option of a fast pass right at the front of the line might make it a great late night choice. Another reason you might want to choose this haunted house is due to the fact that it’s not far at all, while being only located in Clarksville. 

Next up I want to tell you about Louisville’s award winning haunted attraction, The American Horrorplex!!! Although it’s also in Louisville, like field of screams causing us to drive a little ways, I would say it’s definitely worth it. The American Horrorplex is open Friday and Saturday from 8 PM to 1 AM. The main price starts off at $50 but most days they have more than 50% off on their website. With a 4.2 out of 5 rating many reviews say that the people there act very personal and are able to scare the visitors many times throughout the night. There are more than 30 rooms with my favorite definitely being the evil doctor room, it really gave me a good scare. I would say this haunted house is not the best due to price and location. It might not be worth it unless you have already been to the other ones. The Location also isn’t the best part of Louisville in my opinion so that might come in to play for some people if you’re deciding on whether or not you want to go.