Behind the scenes of Admin

Secretary Rhonda Maynard awarded Educational Support Employee of the Year


Jamie Sullivan, Reporter

Graduation, National Honors Society, NJROTC Trips, Diploma Distribution and more. Some of the most important events at NA have the help of one woman: Rhonda Maynard.

Maynard began her career at NAHS in the summer of 2005. She is currently the secretary to the principal, Dr. Michelle Ginkins. Her office is located in the main office area, directly across from Dr. Ginkins’ office and next to Mrs. Lacy’s oval desk.

Maynard has worked with several principals over the years, but her responsibilities have remained largely the same.

“I have worked under four principals, Sipes, Unruh, Page, and Ginkins,” Maynard said. “The responsibilities of my job include typical secretarial duties and anything else that is asked or needed.”

Although Maynard has had the same general responsibilities for many years, she says she still finds ways to keep her job interesting. 

“Although the building and faces don’t change daily, each day presents its own challenges and rewards,” Maynard said. “I also love our diverse student population. I’m given the opportunity each day to interact and learn from others who may not look like me or may not share my opinions. This has allowed me to grow personally as well as professionally.”

Maynard says she has seen many changes at the school since starting her career in 2005, the most notable of which is the campus’s openness.

The campus is much more secure now,” Maynard said. “When I started, visitors and guests could just walk in Door One and come into the school, there was no ID scan to enter the building.”

Maynard also mentions the difference in the school day, with NA being on a block schedule during the beginning of her career. She says students have also become far more technologically advanced.

“Students used their lockers much more years ago than they do now and few had cell phones.” Maynard said.

Maynard says that she has always been Dr.Ginkins’ secretary since the beginning of her career, and she had previously worked as an instructional assistant at Silver Creek Elementary School. Ginkins says Maynard does an excellent job of keeping the school running smoothly and supporting students and staff.

“Mrs. Maynard is very deserving of her recognition as Educational Support Employee of the Year,” Ginkins said. “As someone who interacts with staff, students, parents, other schools, and community members on behalf of NAHS, she does an outstanding job in all of the right areas.”

Ginkins says Maynard is welcoming and kind, as well as a problem solver. She says Maynard supports her by supporting others in the school. 

“She also makes my job easier and more impactful by being a strong communicator to help us all be on the same page,” Ginkins said. “Ensuring administrators and other office staff are aware of the needs of those in the school community based on the information she receives and working collaboratively with everyone to ensure we optimize the support we give.”

Maynard is an important face for the seniors, in addition to assisting Dr. Ginkins and other staff members. Maynard assists with graduation and diploma distribution, which she says is one of the highlights of her job at NAHS.

“The largest event that I help with each year is Graduation,” Maynard said. “I’m privileged to get to be a part of such a special time for Graduates and their families.”

Dr. Ginkins isn’t the only one who admires Maynard’s achievements; many other faculty and staff members have shared their thoughts on why Maynard deserves this honor.

“Rhonda is a great co-worker, I love working with her,” Secretary Lisa Lacy says.  “She is always willing to help me out if I need anything.” 

Maynard enjoys her job and has many fond memories of her time at NAHS, where she has provided exceptional assistance to both students and staff. Maynard says she dislikes being singled out, so when she received the award, she considered her coworkers.

I don’t like being singled out,” Maynard said. “We truly work as a team in the office to do whatever is needed to get a job done.”

Ginkins says Maynard is outstanding in all areas of assistance and she is extremely deserving of her award. She says Maynard often thinks outside of the box and helps improve school systems. 

“She is a Bulldog through and through,” Ginkins said.