Back in action

Girls basketball team looks forwards to new season with a common goal


Autumn Gullett, Reporter

Through the years things change and progress. How do coaches and athletes continue to adjust and take steps forward as a team year after year. Shelby Gliebe is the New Albany Girls Basketball teams head coach and is going into her third year as coach.

“I am looking forward to having the depth of the team this year so we can play at a faster pace,” said Shelby Gliebe. 

Over the years the athletes continue to change in their roles in some way. Whether that be grade level responsibility, leadership positions, playing time, etc. Things change as well as expectation change from a coaches perspective.

“We graduated with 70 percent of our scoring so that is creating opportunities for other girls to step up and show us what they can do,” said Gliebe.

Rosters are changing, senior leaders are leaving and new faces are coming in. In ways adjustments are being made for the whole team and just one player alone. Growth is happening in many ways.

“From last season I would want the team chemistry to be better and to play as a team and with this year’s team it is much better already this season, ” senior Kaylee DeMuth said.

Players leave and players return, yet the end goal of the team is to always be getting better and to have a better season than the year before. 

“We are excited to get this season started and see how all of our girls’ talents start to click and come together” Gliebe said.

Preparation is a big part of the game. Athletes are not only physically conditioning but also mentally training on and off the court. 

“I’m preparing myself by working on the skills I need to improve on so I can do my part and help the team win,” senior Journey Howard said. 

The season has just begun for the Lady Bulldogs but the excitement and hype is already in full swing.

“I’m definitely more hype going into games because I feel like this team feeds off energy,” Howard said.