Settle down… It’s Halloween

3 horror movies you should watch


Luke Blair, Reporter

Nothing sets the scary tone for Halloween anymore than horror movies. Some good horror movies to watch for Halloween are A Nightmare on Elm Street (2017), Scream (2022), and Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil. These three are some of my personal favorite horror movies. They all have certain aspects that they do really well and have something that sets them apart from the rest of the movies. 

Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil was released in September of 2011. It is a horror and comedy movie. The way they combine the two genres is a very creative way to make the movie better and add on a twist. The movie features two big “hillbillies” and a group of young adults. The two lumberjacks rent a cabin to get away from everything and relax. At the same time the teens go out to have fun. When they cross paths there is a misunderstanding. A girl in the group of young adults is swimming at night time and falls onto a rock. She hits her head which knocks her unconscious. The lumberjacks who were fishing saw her in the water and saved her. They take her back to the cabin to take care of her and nurse her back to health. The young adults believe their friend just got kidnapped. This movie is very good at switching the mood. It may go from your heart racing to laughter anytime. This is one of my favorite movies. 

A Nightmare on Elm Street is a very classic movie that has been remade six times. My personal favorite is the newest one made in 2017. This movie features the famous killer Freddy Kruger. He has a burnt, melted face, and sharp metal claws on his fingers. Freddy appears in people’s nightmares. People quickly catch on to the fact that whatever happens to you in your nightmares with him happens to you in real life. Many people die unexpectedly to strange causes when finally some teenagers decide to fight back. This is a very thrilling movie that does a great job of keeping the movie suspenseful throughout and constantly adding in different twists. The ending is one of the best endings in a horror movie. That is why I would recommend A Nightmare on Elm Street for this coming Halloween.

Lastly, one of the most famous Halloween movies, Scream. This movie has also been made several times in different years. In many stores you will see scream masks around the time of Halloween every single year. In this movie high school students start to notice that other students have been going missing and getting murdered. The serial killer becomes very famous in the town but remains unknown which draws attention and frightens many living there. Students still continue to party and live as normal. A click of friends works to unmask the killer after finding out that he or she killed one of their close friends. This movie is so enjoyable because along the movie you get to make your own guesses as to who the killer is. And at the finale of the movie you can see if you were right or not. I definitely recommend this as something to add to your watch list. 

One of the most let down movies so far has been the Terrifier 2. The reason this movie was not so good is because the main focus of the movie was to be very gory. Theaters report that several people threw up watching this and many say they felt sick to their stomachs. Personally, when I watched it the blood and gore all looked terribly fake. For example, the blood was extremely bright and had a weird consistency. This turned the “horror” movie into more of a comedy to watch. It was mostly goofy. I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time on this movie. 

New horror movies are made every Halloween. These are my favorites that I would recommend. Although many may have a different choice of top horror movies. To me these three were creative and different from the rest of horror movies which made them memorable and more interesting. This is why these are my top recommendations to make your Halloween better.