Getting the holidays in order

Students, teachers weigh in on seasonal celebrations


Kaytlin Cahill, Reporter

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and America is already prepared for the colder holidays. 

Local stores including Meijer, Home Depot, Kroger, and Target all have their Christmas decorations out, ready to be purchased. According to a survey taken by House Beautiful, about 27% of adults in America put their winter holiday decor up before Thanksgiving.

Though it is a personal preference, 69% of people wait to put their Christmas decorations up after Thanksgiving, according to Home Beautiful. Christmas is only a month away and people everywhere are starting to collect decorations to get into the holiday spirit.

I do not put up my Christmas decorations at home until after Thanksgiving, usually just because of time,” English teacher Kea Johnson said.

A lot of people had jumped into the end of the year celebrations the night of Halloween, others waiting until Thanksgiving is over, then begin to put the next big holiday decorations up.

“I decorate after Thanksgiving because my family wants to celebrate every holiday equally,” sophomore Isaiah Earley-Ochwada said.

Fall decor is already sold out or being put in clarence. Stores including Walmart, Target, Macy’s and Micheals all have their fall decor in clarence for the Thanksgiving break. This is about the time to buy more fall decorations — but for half the price! But you better be quick, they go really fast. Most stores move all of the fall items out of their store as quickly as they can to make more room for the winter decorations.

Stores have found ways to get people to buy Christmas decorations earlier by using the five-senses we have. The smell of pine, for the Christmas trees lining the store walls, to the smell of peppermint from the candy canes. The time to put up decorations is up to the person and their opinions. Some put them up early and others put them up the day after Thanksgiving. 

Other ways people prove that putting decorations up early is because of the weather. New Albany has experienced a snowy day, getting almost an inch out of the blue. Some may say ‘Christmas is in the air’ others say it’s just another day. 

“I don’t think [holiday decorations] are distracting,” Earley-Ochwada said. “I like decorations because classrooms without anything feel like a prison.”

Classrooms are a place for learning and some teachers are weary of putting holiday decorations up near Christmas time. Some don’t care, others have to think about it and what kind of environment it brings into their classrooms.

Other than Christmas lights, I probably would not do any other holiday decorations. I do not want to leave any students out; like those who do not celebrate Christmas and other holidays,” Johnson said. 

Sometimes getting ready for the holidays early is a reason to become closer to your family. A warm fire with the twinkling light and some hot coco just brings people together. 

Sadly, COVID is still preventing people from traveling on these holidays and it may ruin the holiday fun. And some people chose to drive to avoid the crowds, but gas prices are also preventing their travel. According to AHLA, 33% of Americans are likely to travel for Christmas.

No matter what holiday decorations you put first, or which one you wait for, holidays are meant to bring people together, whether that is for a large meal, that is called dinner but sometimes held at lunchtime, or a tall tree with pretty lights and different presents underneath it. 

I’ve done [decorations before and after Thanksgiving]. If I get the motivation to do lights outside, then I try to get them put up before the cold weather hits, so that happens before thanksgiving.” Orchestra teacher Angela Thomas said. “For most of my other decorations, I put them up during the Thanksgiving break and that makes the days around Thanksgiving feel extra special and festive.”

This year, real Christmas trees are becoming more expensive due to inflation. Some families buy real trees every year, and that can add up quickly. According to KTLA, growing real Christmas trees is becoming more and more expensive, and less popular. They say that feeding the trees is rising and that means that companies are having to up the prices. Most people are switching to fake trees, which are reusable, unlike the real ones. 

My family always has a fake one rather than a real one, it’s a hassle bringing a real one inside the house,” sophomore Irayh Board said.

People say that Christmas decorations can be put up the night of Halloween, others think that they should wait until after Thanksgiving. No matter when you put your Christmas lights and signs up, it’s up to you when you do it. With only a few days left until turkey day, people everywhere are getting ready for both holidays.