It’s not just a “bad day”

There is more to suicide than what most people think


Charlie Bott, Reporter

Suicide isn’t just someone, one day, decides that they don’t like their life anymore. It’s a whole mental battle that could last years and people don’t talk enough about that. The push to raise awareness about suicide is good; however, some people still don’t understand the mindset of someone thinking about ending their own life. 

When teens get in the mindset of suicide being their only option, they feel alone. However, most of them aren’t. They don’t realize they have friends or family members who care about them. A kid doesn’t have to have depression to feel this way either. They could have been bullied, not have the best home life, or whatever makes them feel disconnected from others. 

Some people think it’s someone who is just tired of their life. That it is an impulsive decision. However, when someone commits suicide it is usually planned weeks if not months in advance. One of the first questions asked when someone calls the suicide help line is whether or not they have a plan; this helps professionals determine the threat level. They struggle with making the decision and are looking for a reason not to harm themselves. They could change their mind or be talked out of it. As a friend or family member, it’s hard to decide how serious someone is about taking their own life. It isn’t always impulsive and it isn’t always because of one event. Sometimes the feelings build and build until they can’t handle it anymore. They may try to find help, but ultimately can’t live with it any longer. Can’t find a way out. 

There have been times that someone reaches out and it’s not taken seriously. If the person goes through with it, those around them may blame themselves for not taking action. You should always believe someone when they come to you about something serious like this. If you’re a student, you should tell an adult. I understand not wanting to ruin your friendship; however, a life is at stake.

I’ve heard people say that people who commit suicide are selfish. However, suicide is the result of a downward spiral that they go through alone. They go through the mindset that other people would be better off without them. Which isn’t true. Suicide isn’t selfish. It’s an act of despair. They need and want help but can’t get it and this is their last resort. 

If a quiet kid or more shy kid takes their life more often the community doesn’t talk about it as much. A life is life, whether the kid is a star athlete or a loner. 

Know that you’re never alone. You might have to find your person. However people around you care about you and want you here with them. Dial the hotline below if you need someone to talk to.

988 – Suicide and Crisis Lifeline