Out with the old, in with the new

Debate flares in students over spin-off shows


Stella Klaus, Reporter

That 90’s Show just came out on Netflix January 19. Many people have been watching it to see if it lives up to the standards of That 70’s Show

That 90’s Show was fine, but it wasn’t the best,” junior Angie Rieger said.

According to audience rating scores on Rotten Tomatoes, spin-off shows are typically liked less than the original. Students like Rieger say that spin offs are usually worse than the original but they can be a fun addition to a show sometimes. 

“I think spin-offs suck,” junior Chloe Fromme said. “They are always worse than the original.”

Spin-offs can be a chance to explore more story lines and continue developing characters. Rieger thinks that a lot of the time shows that don’t need a spin-off get one but shows that she thinks need one don’t get one. One of the main reasons people think spin-offs are made is because they make money.

“Looking at it from a Hollywood standpoint I think they use it to make more money,” Rieger said. “If people loved the first one so much and they loved the characters they will watch it.” 

  Even Fromme who says she always hates spin-offs says that she will always go back to watch the spin-offs of her favorite shows. 

Although it seems like most people dislike spin-offs they may dislike them for different reasons. 

“They change

 too much about the original,” said Fromme. “When they make sequels and spin-offs they take the first movie or show and address that it happened but ignore it and change everything that already happened to fit the new plot.”

While Fromme thinks that spin-offs need to stick with their original plots and not change too much, people like Rieger think that they need to change things up a little to make a good spin-off.

“What makes a spin-off bad is trying to recreate the original so exactly but with different characters,” said Rieger. 

Full House is a show that does this. Rieger did not like that in full house it was basically the same story line and they were still stuck in the same house. Although there are ways to create a good spin-off, like choosing a good cast according to Fromme, for the most part spin-offs do not live up to the originals.

“When you have an iconic show it is hard to recreate something that is just as iconic,” Rieger said.