The Kid vs. The Goat

Patrick Mahomes is on his path to overcoming Tom Brady and his legendary career

The Kid vs. The Goat

Cooper Anderson & Rylan Schrink, Reporters

The new era of football has seen a dramatic shift away from the traditional style of the game. The biggest difference is in terms of speed and physicality. Modern football has become faster, with players able to cover more ground than ever before, owing to improved conditioning and athleticism. This increased pace also leads to a more dynamic playing field, allowing for creative strategies and tactics that weren’t possible before.

“Modern football is much more physically demanding on players than it was in the past, now with higher levels of fitness required to compete at an elite level,” junior Gavin Rand said.”Players must be able to both run fast and make quick decisions while still being strong enough to withstand the hard hits without sustaining serious injuries.”

 This places greater emphasis on tactical awareness as well as agility and strength when competing against other teams or individual players in order for success on the pitch. 

Another key difference between old-school and new-age football lies in its impact off the field too. Increasingly popular digital media platforms such as social media have given fans unprecedented access into their favorite teams’ lives through interviews, analysis programs etc., creating an entirely new set of expectations among supporters who want their team’s successes – or even failures – discussed at length online by pundits everywhere around them! 

Furthermore, globalization means there are now many international leagues across Europe where top class talent plays out weekly fixtures making competition tighter than ever before leaving no club safe from relegation or promotion depending upon their performances year after year!

Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady are both great quarterbacks, with very different styles of playing. They are very unique in their own ways. Mahomes has a more explosive style, while Brady is known for his methodical approach. Both have had tremendous success in their respective careers, so it’s ultimately up to you to decide which one you prefer.

Mahomes leading the Chiefs to a Super Bowl win adds to the conversation about him chasing Brady as the “goat”. Mahomes has already created a legacy for himself in six years in the NFL. Although it is hard to compare the two careers because one is in the prime and the other is done, you can compare the play styles and how successful they will be with the certain style. 

“Never bet against Mahomes,” sophomore Tyler McMillen said.

Whether Mahomes will follow in the great footsteps of Brady is up for debate.

“Mahomes winning this year’s Super Bowl [gives him] a very good chance at catching who many call the best quarterback of all time, Tom Brady,” McMillen said.